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These days, libraries are organized collections of digital information. They combine the structuring and gathering of information, which libraries and archives have always done, with the digital representation that computers have made possible. It is a collection of digital objects, including text, video and audio, along with methods for access and retrieval, and for selection, organization and maintenance of the collection. Library plays a major part in education. Because of the fact that libraries can store more data compared to the traditional library.

New technology is changing the ways we create access and use information. The design and development of digital libraries depend on computer, communication and other technical skills. embedded computers are very small. They affect our lives each day. Why, even modern traffic lights operate with computers. They are all around us. Think of additional ways in which computers affect our lives each day. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The La Consolacion College (Formerly St. Jude Academy) is a Catholic School, established and administered by the Augustinian Sisters of OUR LADY OF CONSOLACION.

As per requirement by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, that the school have a Library, therefore, it is then believed that the La Consolacion College had already an existing library by the time it was established. Prior to the creation of the La Consolacion College, services related to research references and other reading needs were taken cared by the Library Staff since its creation. La Consolacion College of Valenzuela has a one library in their building.

La Consolacion College Valenzuela was put up in the year 1963, established and recognized in 1964 and one of the 23 members of schools of the Augustinian Sisters of Our lady of Consolacion. The process of borrowing the books is that the students will sign in the log form then search for the book they want to borrow. The students will present the library card and the book, the librarian will give a request form to fill up and sign the book card and the library card of the students. RATIONALE How will the proponents design, develop, and implement a Computerized Library System for La Consolacion College of Valenzuela.

The library provides a card catalog for the student to use it for searching the books they need. But most of them are having a hard time and sometimes dont know how to use the card catalog. The result is they going to ask the librarian about the book, which might disturb the librarian from more important work for that day. The transaction done in the library of La Consolacion College of Valenzuela includes the borrowing and returning of books, the current system transactions require a lot of things such as a borrowers card, book cards and log books.

It is also done manually by writing dates, student name, books they borrowed and other relevant data. Sometimes mistakes occur on their manual transaction. Although the current system provides reports, the process of making such a report will take a lot of time. For example, in making an inventory report for books, it takes time to check for each book cards to see which book is still out in the circulation. Also, they refer to logbook to confirm for the transaction. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY General Objectives.

Design, develop, and implement a Computerized Library System for La Consolacion College of Valenzuela. Specific Objectives * To develop a module that will make inquiry of availability of books becomes faster. * To develop a module that will improve the transaction of borrowing and returning of books. * To develop a module that will give lesser time in making important library related reports. SCOPE AND LIMITATION Scope The proposed Computerized Library System has a scope of the following features such as: The Transaction.

This will be used in all book transactions. The transaction includes Borrowing and Returning of books. This form can view all the list of books borrowed and returned by the Students or Faculty. The system can add, edit, delete, and update, some of the features in the system are Generating of Reports. The System provides printable copies of all data and records that the library processes in their system. The Generation of Reports includes Borrowers Report. This report shows the list of Students or Faculty who borrows the books.

The Generation of Reports also includes Book Reports. This report shows the Master list of books, Available books, Out, Lost books, Damaged Books, Reading books and References. The Generation of Reports also includes Penalty Reports. This report shows the penalty of the Students. Limitations The Computerized Library System does not provide Book Reservation. The Library does not accept reservation of books from the borrowers for there are possibilities that the borrowers may not borrow the book.

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