Lincolns Second Inaugural Speech Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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Abraham Lincoln begins his second inaugural speech on March 4, 1865, in which he addresses the nation on the ongoing civil war and his high hopes to unite the nation once again under God. Lincoln began his speech by saying that the war has taken so much time and energy out of the country and that there is no need to report on it. He declares himself an equal with the public and says he has also felt the wars effects. The progress of our arms¦is as well known to the public as to myself.

He states that he isnt going to attempt to predict the war but he expresses his hopes for the future and encourages the public to be optimistic as well. Lincoln looks back four years prior to his first inaugural address. He says we were all awaiting a civil war but were hoping to stop it and save the Union. However, insurgent agents hoped to divide the Union. Lincoln says one party would make the war and the other would accept it.


Today is the second time I am addressing the nation as your president. I no longer see the need to have a drawn out speech, rather I hope to eventually unite us as a country again and help rebuild our future. We all know how the war has played out and there is no reason for me to further discuss it. The war is coming to a close but the outcome is still a mystery. Today is a time to come together and look ahead towards our hopeful future as a nation. At this time, four years ago, all efforts were on controlling the oncoming civil war. The war seemed a necessity at the time in some American eyes and attempts to start a national tragedy were achieved without much hesitancy by opposing parties. No negotiations would resolve the issues so a civil war did come.

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