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Published: 2020-02-16 00:02:56
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Overall paper thesis: The Freemason sub-culture appeals to potential members with a combination of logical aspects, emotional appeal, and aspects of overall credibility. Members are generally drawn to the group because of one of these three, but they all combine to create the compelling sub-culture. Logical Argument The logical appeal of the Freemason society is broad and often times, overriding.

The first logical aspect that members are drawn to is a common group of people who share the same core beliefs. By being a member of the Freemason sub-culture, people are instantly attached to a support group of individuals who will be going through similar circumstances. This type of camaraderie is a primal human need and is one of the main logical selling points for the society.

Another logical aspect which has broad appeal to members is the fact that the Freemasonry is often a leader in charity and community service. This is a compelling factor both because it is a good thing to do and also because it is something that reflects well on the individual members of the sub-culture. Men within the group understand that their efforts within the community will be looked upon with veneration and in many cases, these acts can help them gain power and influence outside the Freemasonry.

One often overlooked logical appeal of the Freemasonry is the simple fact that it gives men something to do with their time. As men get older, they sometimes lose touch with their friends and with the things that they used to do earlier in life. Men can become entangled in their work, so it is good to have a place that they can go in order to get away from that. In fact, it is something of a brotherhood that men can rely upon in the best of times and the worst of times.

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