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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Within the scene where Capulet is crossed by Tybalt at his masked ball, Capulet differs again. His mood suddenly changes from being humorous and charming to being hot headed and flying of the handle. I believe he is short tempered and is unable to control it; he becomes very angry towards Tybalt. Why, how now, kinsman! Wherefore storm you so? This demonstrates to the audience how infuriating he can be. I speculate the audiences learn that Capulet is a changeable character, as he is logical and caring but he becomes deadly serious when someone tries to challenge him. He assumes people should respect his authority.

In act three, Lord Capulet informs his wife about the proposal. Lady Capulet deems Juliet will be overjoyed with the news hath sorted out a sudden day of joy that thou expectst not nor I lookd not for she has a positive view to marriage and feels all she needs is a man. She reveals the news to Juliet. At first Juliet considers the proposal as good news. But she then says she would rather marry her enemy than marry Paris. This is amusing because she has previously married her enemy, Romeo, in secret.

I will not marry yet; and, when I do, I swear, I shall be Romeo, whom you know I hate, rather than Paris This shows Juliet is intensely in love with Romeo. Lady Capulet says here comes your father; tell him yourself. I imagine she wouldnt tell him, Presuming Capulet will go insane. As he evidently did so, I will drag thee on a hurdle thither, out, you green- sickness carrion! Out, you baggage! You tallow -face! This demonstrates how contrasting his thoughts really are, he can not believe she is being so ungrateful. Previously He was praising her up, saying how dearly he loves her and how divine she is. But now he states she is worthless that Juliet is like a curse and wishes she was no longer here.

In addition he told Paris that it was Juliets decision if shed like to marry him. He went back on his word and gave Juliet no choice of the matter, using his authority to over rule her, this is proof he was contradicting himself. In this time women were owned by their fathers until their time of marriage when they became property of their husbands. Capulets goal was to find a suitable match for his darling daughter, having so Juliet refused and Capulet became immoral, he bellowed wicked things to Juliet, which today no father would dare say. I presuppose Capulet thinks he has the right to speak to his daughter in such a way because she is his property I dont think this is right, nobody should be spoken to in that manner. I sense Juliet was distressed because of this. Ill to the friar, to know his remedy if all else fail, myself have power to die Lord Capulet is an over powering man, he demands and receives what he wishes, no matter if he hurts someones feelings, especially his own flesh and bloods.

Overall I have discussed that Lord Capulet has two completely opposite sides to him. He can be kind, loving, and charming, e.g. scene one, but he can soon flip to becoming unmistakably hot- headed, controlling and malicious preparing us for his actions in scene five.

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