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Published: 2020-01-30 14:01:51
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I have been examining the status of the Jackson Mill and have interviewed a number of witnesses, such as the director of the orphanage in Portsmouth, named Emily Jones, Mr. Beech, the manger of the mill, Josiah Jackson, the owner of the mill, a young lad of 12 called Albert Cook and a woman (a wife) working at the factory called Mary Taggart. The two workers at the factory were a bit frightened because they said that they could get sacked since they were giving the mill a bad reputation.

Because of this, I think they are very worried with their job and value the money given to them meaning that they are probably given very little and insufficient for their use. They both suffer from sickness and are seriously deformed. They wore ragged clothing and looked very thin, a possible reason would be malnutrition and they stated in their accounts that the manager Mr. Beech drank a lot and his temper always found its way to his workers.

He made the children do more work to satisfy his own evil deeds by making their workload increase, he accomplishes this by making the children work faster when he added extra heavy weights to their backs. Because of his bad habit of drinking, he always whipped his workers and flogged them very badly, his excuse is that he was afraid it was dangerous for them to yawn and sleep during working hours and tickled them with his belt only. All the jobs he gave were pretty dangerous. Children whom were not old enough were also working there. He treated them really badly.

I say this because he made the price of the rent very high but the place given is filthy and disgusting. Also, the food given is all left over food and therefore of very low quality. Apart from this, he made the price for the food double the price of a normal bakery shop and changed the money into tokens, which can be used to exchange for food, which gave very little nutrition for those who need it. Using tokens, he tricked the workers money a lot. The hours of work are normally 14 hours (from 6 in the morning till 8 at night). For extra work, they have to work for 18 hours (from 3 in the morning till 9 at night).

Even worse, pauper apprentices earn nothing. An adult gets paid 15p normally and 18p for extra time. Children earn the maximum wage of 10p per week and usually only 2&1/2p. Wages are very low and are not sufficient for the workers living. Young children of 6 already work there and safety precautions are not very strict. Because the children did not have enough rest, when they fix together the cotton under the machines, some of them get swirled inside the machine. Deformed children are also very common; some children have already developed sicknesses like coughing blood, which is supposed to be very rare at that age.

The director of the orphanage, Mr. Emily Jones seems to be in very good terms with Mr. Beech, which is very peculiar. They say they were good friends in the Navy and Mr. Beech comes twice every year to collect some orphans. They say that all the children are all over the age of 14 but I have found no way in checking this because they carry no birth certificates. Emily Jones also announced proudly that Mr. Beech keeps them very healthy although he never sees them and the rules at the orphanage are very strict.

No pleasure and no meat there is provided, it is a wonder that they still have enough nutrition to grow. Education is provided but in bad standards, Emily Jones seem to be keeping the money to himself as the children there are all ragged and he is wearing heavy jewelry and clothing. Orphans in the factory are treated very badly, not as Mr. Beech and Emily Jones say. All the workers are put into a building near the factory but if they go behind in rent, they are kicked out. I dont think I have the power to make any changes to this as the law isnt on my side and what is happening is acceptable.

Regulations and laws must be made and I think later, when the law is on my side, talking to Mr. Beech will be easier to make him change. He should also be treating the children with care and it seems that Mr. Beech is a liar as he is always lying when I was questioning him. He says that he never drink when he is working and he is an addict to it. Even all the workers say he gets very drunk at working hours. I find all of this very worrying because if we dont do something quickly, more and more things like this will happen.

However, I will talk to him about the underage workers and the living conditions and ask him to make sure that the children dont work more than 12 hours a day and that the pauper apprentices are fully paid as well. I hope I have made some changes. Also, I would think that the regulations for the rules should be stricter and that we see to those who bribe people. Factories workers should have an inspection every month and making sure that the people there is well treated and that everything should be negotiated so that the workers dont get so scared.

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