Lynching: African American and People Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Some races faced racism in the cruelest of ways. The Lynching by Claude McKay describes the horror of being a black person in the south at that time peroid. The poem is also describes death, pain, and the suffering lynching caused to others.

His father by the cruelest ways of pain. This quote his father by the cruelest ways of pain describes pain. It is saying that lynching was very painful by saying it was by the cruelest way of pain. The cruelest way of pain doesnt mean lynching is so cruel even though hanging a person is very cruel. Its saying that the people who committed the pain did it for the cruelest reason of pain, or in this case murder, which was the reason of racism.

His sprit ascended into high heaven. This quote symbolizing the death of any person who was lynched by any person. The quote His spirit ascended into high heaven is saying in a religious term that the people who were lynched and were murdered were going someplace better than a discriminating world that still does the same thing; now its all wide spread. It also means that the people who had died went to heaven meaning that they were pure of heart and didnt do anything wrong. This quote represents the good people these people were and the innocent people.

The women thronged to look by never a one showed sorrow in her eyes of steely blue. This quote is saying that others suffered from lynching too it could have showed anger. You can tell the poet is describing lynching because it saying the ghastly body swayed in the sun. You can infer that the poet thinks not all white people are bad. The lady who showed sadness had blue eyes you can infer she is white.

Some races have experienced discrimination more than others but there is always one or a band of brave people who overcome this discrimination. Most of these times these people got assassinated but there point got through. Martin Luther King JR. who tried to end racism and discrimination. Martin Luther King JR. didnt end discrimination but tried hard for it will never end. The victims are scapegoats or are just different. Claude McKay got his point out with many others by writing moving poetry pieces. McKay wrote The Lynching which expressed what some people did to innocent black people.

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