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He wrote to medic embellished with magnificent words together with extrinsic allurements wishing the Medics honor should give him the position of the office that he definitely was stuffing of. He contemplated and made assumptions of himself being humble and low before the concerns of the princes, pretending to have understood the needs of people. He also thought that the book was a present to the prince to entice him in order to be given a vacancy in the new government.

He even recommends to the prince to intelligently and diligently read and consider the book as in the Prince will end up learning Machiavellis extreme desire for prince to attain the greatness that fortune and other attributes promise. Machiavelli figured that the principalities are all hereditary to power and its acquisition is accustomed to live under the prince by either fortune or ability. He anticipated that the prince should keep the corrupt government continue to rule for the benefits of the few him included against to which what it was. His story from is was ultimately different from what it should be.

For instance, Duke of Ferrara in Italy who could not have withstood the attacks of the Venetians in 1984 nor those of Pope Julius in 1910 unless of the establishment of dominions. For hereditary prince has less cause to and less necessity to offend to happen that he will be more loved but the vice versa caused him to be more hated as it was reasonable that Machiavellis subject naturally disposed him off from the prince, his motives was derived to no existence of change and his own definition of change was the one that leaves the toothing for another to keep the corrupt government from one generation to another that impossibly didnt happen.

Machiavellis story was defining change as the deception of the willing election of the new ruler hoping to better themselves expectation that could hardly rise from the inherent difficulties from the new to be principalities. He figures solidarity as hardship that he must put upon his new acquisition in order to satisfy those who elected Medic into power. Machiavelli egocentrically viewed himself as the core pillar for the success of Medics government, thus he must be given the position on this regime to excel.

He beliefs not that Borge Cesare lost power by malignity of fortune that he acquired during the ascendancy of his father. In Machiavellis story, he didnt imagine to care about the so called enemies whom he injured in seizing principality and he is not even considering the essence for them to feel satisfied as the way the expected or hopped when they were electing you into power. Instead Machiavelli suggested for the strong measures to be taken against them, feeling not bound to them anymore and they are profound to be oppressed by the use of the strong forces under the command of the leader in charge.

This was totally different from even the theoretical view of Medic when he came into power. His mission and vision was to have equality among all those who elected him, stop/ eradicate corruption and that is why he disputed the gift from Machiavelli that was vividly giving him a clue towards the corrupt government to benefit the a few including Machiavelli. Medic wasnt gullible for the public properties as the story of Machiavelli portray him as somebody who is gullible, selfish/mean, corrupt and egocentric.

Basing on Machiavellis story, he viewed that the hold of accustomed hereditary pass of power was a prudent courtesy from the ancestors and anybody doing contrary to it was like transgression towards the ancestors. In order to deal prudently with circumstances as they arise and for the care to maintain Medic in state Machiavelli must be in the cabinet in the government and if not so something sinister will happen to deprive Medic extra-ordinary from power, which was untrue and didnt happen. Reference: 1. The Prince By Niccolo Machiavelli, Translated By George Bull Published By Penguin Books Ltd (1995).

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