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Manipur is situated on the North-eastern part of India, and is a part of the seven sister states .Manipur is one of the seven states of Northeast India. The state is bound by Nagaland in the north, by Mizoram in the south, by Assam in the west, and by the borders of the country Burma in the east as well as in the south. The state capital of Manipur is Imphal. The state lies at latitude of 23°83N 25°68N and longitude of 93°03E 94°78E. The total area covered by the state is 22,347 km². The capital lies in an oval-shaped valley of approximately 700 square miles (2,000 km2) surrounded by blue mountains and is at an elevation of 790 metres above the sea level. The slope of the valley is from north to south.

There are four major river basins in Manipur State, the Barak River Basin (Barak Valley) to the west, the Manipur River Basin in central Manipur, the Yu River Basin in the east, and a portion of the Lanye River Basin in the north. The total water resources of Barak and Manipur river basins are about 1.8487 Mham. The overall water balance of the state amounts to 0.7236 The Barak river, the largest river of Manipur, originates in the Manipur Hills and is joined by a number of tributaries such as the Irang, Maku, and Tuivai. The Manipur river basin has eight major rivers: the Manipur, Imphal, Iril, Nambul, Sekmai, thchakpi, Thoubal and Khuga. All these rivers originate from the surrounding hills. These rivers are corrosive in nature and assume turbulent form in the rainy season.

Flora and Fauna:-

Manipur has a good flora and fauna and is among the most scenic states of India. Blessed with an amazing varieties of flora and fauna ,the hills covered by forests constituting 67% of the geographical area of Manipur, hold the tourist spell bound. Nong_in is the state bird of Manipur .The most unique animal is Sangai-the brow antlered and vegetation on the Loktak Lake sustains small herds of this endemic and threatened cervid in the world. Manipur has two major divisions Imphal and Churachandpur . Imphal is a large city compared to other cities in Manipur. Imphal has a good tourism potential with scenic rivers flowing through its terrain. The tourism department is making efforts to make Imphal exciting and bring in tourists from across the country. Shopping centres are slowly making their way into Imphal. Imphal is also developing on the economic front, with entrepreneurs trying to tap the business potential in Imphal.

The Loktak Lake is a popular floating lake in Imphal, where people come in large numbers to relax on comfortable boat houses. Tourists are bound to be fascinated by the calmness which surrounds the lake, and is a preferred destination for tourists requiring break from their hectic schedule. Churachandpur is another better developed city in Manipur, only second to Imphal.. The town of Churachandpur remains unexploited by tourists, because of the rugged terrain. The town attracted many investors during the late nineteenth century. Tourism in the town hasnt developed to its potential. A lot of scenic and beautiful locations remain inaccessible, which is a cause of concern for the authorities. Tourists need not be disappointed because these sites are opening up and provide a lot of opportunities for tourists.

The great tourist discovery:-

The wondrously little Shangrila and a jewelled land Manipur is a veritable paradise on earth where mother nature has been extra generous in her bounty. Manipur promises to be the great tourist discovery of the 21st century. With an oval shaped valley surrounded by blue green hills ,rich in arts and tradition it has inspired description such as the Switzerland of the East with tripping rivers ,carpets of flowers ,exotic blooms and lazy lakes. The people and the tribes of Manipur includes Meities ,Nagas and kukis ,chin-Mizo groups and other colourful communities which have lived in complete harmony for centuries.

Cultures and traditions:

Manipur is a state which has different culture, when compared to the other parts of India. The people here speak Manipuri and are very warm and friendly towards tourists. Manipur is a mosaic of traditions and cultural patterns .In the field of art and culture.The state is best represented by its classical and folkdance forms. A spring festival ,the Lai Horaoba held in April/May is symbolised by a traditional, stylised and ritualistic dance performed for peace and prosperity. Theatre and society in Manipur are intimately linked, as in many parts of the world. Manipuris are a culturally enthusiastic people. Cultural spirit has never been allowed to be blown out despite the areas remoteness from the outside world. This is why it still thrives in the Manipur valley.

Major tourists attractions:-

The major tourist attractions in the State, amongst others, are fascinating lakes, breath taking green hills and landscapes, historic monuments. Apart from the above mention tourists attractions of Manipur. The shree shree Govindajee Temple near the old Palace of the Maharaja of Manipur attracts large numbers of pilgrimage tourists.


To find out how the natural beauty of Manipur could become a major attraction for the tourists.

To identify and explore the art and culture of Manipur as an attraction for the tourists. To study the present status of tourism in Manipur.

To find out how tourism can be developed in Manipur.

To identify the obstacles in tourism development.

To propose a plan to develop and improve tourism infrastructure in the state, along with a marketing strategy.


1. I will be collecting information through a questionnaire.

2. Name of the tourist:-
Sex:- (a) Male ( ), (b) Female ( ).

3. From which part of India do you belong ?
a) North ( ), b) South ( )
c) East ( ), d) West ( )

4. Whether he/she is coming for the first time,
(a) Yes( ), (b) No( )

5. Why you have chosen Manipur?
(a) Natural beauty ( ), (b) Adventures ( ),
(c) cultural heritage( ) & (d) Others ( ).

6. What mode of transport did you use to reach Manipur?
Surface transport:-
(a) Railway ( ), (b) Bus ( )

Air transport:-
(a) Aeroplane ( )

7. How long did you stay in Manipur?
(a) 3 Days ( ), (b) 1 Weeks ( ), (c) 1 Month ( ).

8. How do you feel or think about the local peoples of Manipur (a) Friendly ( ), (b) Hostile ( ), (c) Indifferent ( ).

9. Would you like to pay repeat visit to Manipur?
(a) Yes ( ), (b) No ( )

10. How was the taste of the food you had in Manipur?
(a) Excellent ( ) , (b) Good ( ), (c) Poor ( ).

11. Are you satisfied with your visit to Manipur?
(a) Yes ( ), (b) No ( ).

12. In your opinion what steps should be taken up to attract the tourists in visiting Manipur.

a) Improvement of infrastructure
b) Better publicity and marketing of Manipur tourism
c) safety and security of the tourists.


Secondary data collected were; reports, articles, publications, books and other documents and also websites.

News paper

Analysis of data:

Both primary and secondary data will be analyse and highlited on the project reports.

Tentative chapterization

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter- 2 : Natural heritage of Manipur

Chapter- 3 : Cultural heritage and attractions of Manipur
i: Various sites and destinations
ii: Art & Crafts
iii: Fairs & Festivals
iv: Other culture activities

Chapter- 4 : Present state or status of Manipur tourism

Chapter- 5: Proposal plan or policy for tourism development in Manipur. i: Infrastructure
ii: Promotion (attraction,activities area) iii: Strong tourism plan

Chapter- 6 : Conclusion


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