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Published: 2019-11-27 00:21:15
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Landscapers use their aptitude for art combined with their knowledge of plants to create breathtaking landscapes. But a landscape artist cannot share his knowledge unless he promotes his business. Business promotion is a combination of activities that create and maintain a positive image in a customers mind. Customer service, broad knowledge of the business and fair pricing strategies support promotional activities and contribute to the success of any business.

Word of Mouth (Recommendations)

This is the cheapest and best method of advertising your Landscape Gardening business, but it requires that you already have done some work. Your existing clients can be your biggest help in spreading the word about your business. This business thrives on referrals, so make sure that you talk to your existing customers and ask them if theres anyone that may benefit your service.


Advertise on newspapers, tv ads, local ad magazines, billboards, your vehicle etc, however, the ads should be short and easy to read. Plant Exhibitions Contact convention organizers and event planning agencies in your area and learn about business exhibition opportunities. Many events are geared toward the small business owner and are reasonably priced. Attend plant exhibitions to promote your business. Plant exhibitions allow you to promote your products or services at a venue related to landscaping. Such exhibitions provide a venue to network and reach out to customers. Trade shows are also a good place to distribute promotional items.

Create Business Cards

Create business cards that match your brochures and website design. Creating matching promotional collateral creates a cohesive feel and helps establish your brand.

Make Brochures

Create visually pleasing brochures. Make sure the brochure lists your services, pricing, contact information and a bit about the business. You can also hire a designer to prepare brochures for you.

Create a Website

Contact a Web developer or create a website on your own. Your websites content should appeal to people in your area. Include helpful information, such as guides to weeding, planting and winterizing gardens. Several services offer website packages that make creating a site simple. Link your site to Twitter and possibly a dedicated business page on Facebook

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