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Published: 2020-02-22 13:51:18
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1. Why is it important that the therapist should know the direction of flow in each individual meridian? Yang energy flows downwards and is found mainly to the back of the body, and Yin energy flows up-wards and is found mainly in the front of the body. Because of this it is paramount for a therapist to know the direction of flow in each individual meridian, in order to administer effective treatment.

2. How would the therapist apply Shiatsu treatment to a patient who is hyperactive and unable to relax? If the client is hyperactive and unable to relax and appears to possess an excess of energy that will not fade the normal way, then thumb pressures along each meridian must move over the tsubos from the one with the highest number to the one with the lowest number.

3. Give the Japanese name and number of three tsubos which can be pressed to help relieve a patient suffering from menstrual pain? RIN KYU (12) menstrual pain press inwards towards the tarsus for 9 seconds 3 times. YU SEN (1) menstrual pain- press hard inwards with both thumbs for 12 seconds 3 times. KAN GEN (2) menstrual pain press with palm of the hand, increasing pressure gradually for 15 seconds 3 times.

4. Give the Japanese name and number of the tsubo which is concerned with both sciatica and calf spasms. For sciatica SHO FU, SHYO ZAN. For both Calf spasms, sciatica ICHU (22) Press inwards for 9 seconds, three times.

5. Give the name and number of the tsubo you would press to treat an arthritic knee. RYO KYO (7) Press hard inwards for 9 seconds, three times.

6. Give the number of the tsubo on the Bladder Meridian, which is concerned with neck pain. HAKU KO (24) Press hard inwards towards the anterior aspect of the spine for 6 seconds, three times.

7. On which meridian is there a tsubo that is concerned with heart palpitations? Heart Meridian SHYO-KAI Press hard inwards for 6 seconds 3

8. Which tsubo lies between the 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertebrae? This comes under Governing Vessel Meridian and would be MEI MON.

9. Give the name and number of the tsubo which lies over the middle metacarpal in the palm of the hand. What condition can it be used to correct? RO KYU (2) the condition that can be corrected is EXHAUSTION.

You wish to treat a client suffering from Bells Palsy. Give the name, number and location of the tsubo, and describe how you would apply treatment. RETSU KETSU (3) Press hard inwards for 9 seconds, three times Facial muscles attach to the skin allowing us to make many expressions. When these muscles are paralyzed, they begin to atrophy. Massage can be used to stimulate circulation in the face and maintain the health of the muscles. Massage can also help encourage the muscles to move and ease the discomfort associated with Bells palsy.

By massaging the side of the face (above the eye down to the chin, behind the ear) and specifically the 7th cranial nerve (located just below the cheek bone) will soothe and alleviate pain and discomfort and thereby allow the paralysis to decrease.

Recommended Time: 15 to 20 minutes of massaging, followed by 15 minutes of good intention Reiki, both morning and night

REF: Japan Shiatsu Inc

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