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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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At a first glimpse, I can definitely say that it has been more successful in catching an applicants eye than the ones from Jusco. Already the front page has pictures around the border showing various items. Also, it is crowned with a close up photograph of the card that is advertised. Then, in bold red letters, there is a slogan, which is meant to attract the reader. It says The card that takes your shopping further. Further down the page there are sub-headings, which already give a brief introduction to the contents of the form. When the form is opened, I must say that it immediately impresses me.

If I was to apply to a shopping bonus card then I would definitely fall for Metrojaya. There are big white headings on a red background indicating what a costumer stands to gain from the use of this card. Also there is a table that briefly shows what a costumer gains when he/she has a certain number of points. Underneath, there is a brief explanation of how the points are awarded and a reference to a telephone number for more information. After that there is a very well laid out section where the applicant is supposed to fill out his personal profile where there is comparatively more space available than in the J-card application form.

The information that is asked from the applicant is basically the same as the one mentioned for the J-card above which was name, address, birth date, sex, nationality, religion, and profession details such as amount of monthly income. The information is very clearly set out and it is clear to the applicant what information is required off him/her. The form was also designed for the readers convenience with a moderate use of extended vocabulary. In the back of the form there are the terms and conditions, which are set out in bullet points and furthermore are very well explained and clear.

In addition there is a small section dedicated to the advertisement of some shops enclosed within the Metrojaya chain. Overall, I think this form is very well presented and attractive however it lacks further explanations to how the card works. It really succeeds in attracting someones attention by its colourful attire. The information it contains and what the form requires the applicant to do is very clear and comprehensive. The layout of the various sections of the form is very good as well. The designer has accurately used different colours to emphasize the various importance of certain headings or slogans.

I also think that the vocabulary used is appropriate because although professional it is not very demanding. Citibank Citibank Credit Card Application Form Citibank is fairly popular in Malaysia. Their slogan Citibank Where money lives can be found at the bottom of the form I managed to acquire. Personally, I think that their slogan is very strong and self-explanatory. Inside there is a vast number of information arranged in a fairly clear way and presented in three languages. There is a section in Malay, Chinese and English.

This, I think, has something to do with the fact that Malaysia is a multiracial country and presumably the establishment is trying to attract as many customers as possible by creating a form that is to their convenience. The information asked from the applicant is personalised again and concentrates on things such as name, contact address and telephone/handphone number. Furthermore, Citibank asks for details about the applicants job and also about the monthly income of people, their marital status and whether their residence is owned or rented.

Also, in case the applicant is married, the bank would like to know details about the spouse. Finally, the form asks for emergency contact details, the types of accounts the client has and there is also a section about the appliance for a supplementary card. After the personal details are complete, the client is required to read a series of information and agreements and then sign a declaration. The bank has also added a section where their clients can apply for a card with photo-identification if preferred.

It wants applicants to enclose documents such as a copy of the IC or passport, a copy of ones international charge or credit card and the latest two months card charges statements. At the back, there are the terms and conditions, which are explained briefly and the bank also provided a short section, which explains how the card works and where it can be used. Furthermore, and as a means of publicity and wanting to attract the publics attention, the designer has enclosed a section where the bank is advertising the Handspring Visor Platinum, an electronic pocket size organiser.

It is said that each new subscriber to the card will receive one free and people who already have a card can buy one at a special privilege price. This device is also included on the front page of the form where there is a picture showing a person using one and other persons looking at him with surprise. To sum up I think that the form as a whole is fairly well laid out thinking of the vast array of information that is asked from the client. However, there is too little space for applicants to write down their personal information.

In general, though, it has a fairly clear set out and it is easy to understand. The form indicates formality to some extent by using extended but clear vocabulary. Just like in the Jusco and Metrojaya forms, the information it asks from the clients is rather personal but required in far more detail. The scale to which the form attracts attention is fairly high. The front page, along with the advertising in picture form is somehow eye catching and the fact that something can be received when applying to this card is very appealing to most people. Inside, however, formalitys presence can be strongly noticed.

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