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Marketing an energy juice drink in an environment that is highly-saturated with a lot of excellent power juices is a difficult job since one needs to slug it out with the big well-known brands under giant corporations that have all the power to dominate the scene for years. The big companies possess an advantage in terms of the advertising that enables them to create the best print and television advertisement for their products. The market for energy and stimulant drinks in all trade sectors witnessed an abundance of energy and functional drinks.

Most of those who purchase these energy drinks do so to make themselves more energetic. Red Bull remains as the dominant brand. The case for marketing healthy energy juice drinks is a daunting task because it is difficult to come up with an interesting theme and advertisement to catch viewers attention and make them shift to ones product. Even if one has the better product than the ones present in the market, if it is not properly advertised, then all of ones effort also goes to waste.

There are very few energy juices in the market today that can boast of being a healthy juice that can make people healthy when one drinks it. In spite of the vitamin factor, and the other vegetables that may have been included in the drink, juice drink advertisers need to be very conscious about the fact that these juices look all the same to the audience in general so that they need to exert extra effort in thinking of ways to enhance their product and make it stand out amid the other well-accepted juices in the market.

Any creative group working behind an advertising campaign is pressed with a serious responsibility of not only promoting the product to produce more sales for the Company, or enjoining the people to patronize the product but most importantly bringing values and points of view to the very consciousness of men. Chivitah can utilise campaign slogans of Healthiest and Most Affordable Juice Drink, it stresses the point that people have to think health and remove the tensions, pressures, tempers.

It encourages people not forget to take time out to see the goodness of life¦ that is to stay connected with people and show that they care for each other even for a moment or two. Chivitah might be that drink that draws people closer to each other and make them realize realise that drinking a bottle of Chivitah will make them bond with people one stays connected with, lightens problems, anxieties and difficulties in life.

In designing an effective marketing campaign for Chivitah, it is essential that there will be a creative think tank that will be assigned to conceptualise the products assets and begin with some BrainJams on the part of the creative consultants. This is how the company refers to the formal technique of brainstorm ing a topic. The companys BrainJams are an in informed form of collaboration. In this case, they will set out to pigeonhole the product category defined as an energy drink and then uncover the emotional attachment to Chivitah in particular.

The next step is to build on the resulting insights from the BrainJams by bouncing the hypothesis off some consumers and experts from the TalentBank. During the next step in Brain Reserves methodology, the Creative Think Tank people for Chivitah energy drink can ask the participating TalentBank members for the most powerful memories, experiences, and emotions they associated with drinking juices. Were there juice-enhanced events in their childhood? Perhaps more than one member reminisced the first time she drank juice gathered from fruits in their yard.

There will probably be some experiences about how drinking the juice cured them of their minor ailments. The ultimate conclusion: Drinking energy fruit juices represent a deep-rooted, early seeded symbol of a healthy connection between mothers and children. Chivitah, therefore, can be marketed as built on this foundation and become a conduit for the delivery of wholesome treats. Secondly, they could get involved with the passing on of healthy drinking habits. The very name suggests a healthy and vital relationship to the drink.

If one drinks well, one is cleansing ones system well and not gorging on soft drinks and other sugar-ladened drinks. Thus, the company can decide to pursue this further and narrow the focus even further, to do something specifically about helping mothers and their daughters feel good about themselves. Chivitah can be marketed with the picture of a mother and daughter, having fun in an activity and drinking this juice at the same time, painting a picture of a bonding and friendship. This can be done as they share their Chivitah energy juice drink.

Thus, Chivitah can become an integral part of a positive body-image message. The company believes that Chivitah can be launched as one of the nations foremost supporters of female self-esteem, built through the mother-daughter connection. This can become a tall order”to strengthen the mother-daughter bond in a Chivitah context. But it will give a big payoff-they could capture a unique positioning with this underlying mission: A rallying point for all customers, mothers and everyone associated with the brand. The shorthand message: Chivitah: nourishing a womans self-esteem.

Six weeks before Mothers Day, Chivitah will run ads in major newspapers offering a Mother/Daughter Journal for three proofs-of-purchase. The Journal will be a unique Moms Day remembrance. Advertisements for the Journal also laid out details of the more than one hundred Mother/Daughter Workshops to be held in Chivitah markets. The undistinguished point: Chivitah is participating in getting mothers and daughters together, linking them with other mothers and daughters and introducing all participants to tools that nurture self-esteem.

Chivitah will also find its way to a Lifetime TV documentary about the first test workshops called Mothers and Daughters: A Lifetime Bond. The market for energy and stimulant drinks will continue to progress and grow as the category steadily matures. The lure of fast-growing profits will eventually go on in order to invite new players into the sector where energy drinks have seen sales double every year since their introduction. Indeed, it is true that one is whatever he eats and drinks.

Juices, when taken sensibly can provide an alternative source of energy as lifestyles become more hectic. This is the reason why there are a lot of convenience stores, convenience foods and single serve packaging formats. In this world of consumerism, if a product is disappointing, another option is immediately available. Responding creates marketing that is based on putting together some ideas, then going out and asking consumers what they think and getting a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down.

Businesses always say that they do long-range planning. In running an advertising campaign, one has to take into consideration two-way benefits for both the Company and the consuming public. The Company sees the value of advertising to promote their product and gain sales from it; the consuming public on the other hand must see to it that with the product they buy from the Company, they get benefited from it not only in terms of satisfying their taste, their appetite, but the totality of their well being.

If these aspects are addressed accordingly by the creative minds of those people working behind the advertising campaign, one can say that they have successfully drawn a campaign that truly serves the essence of advertising campaign”that is using it effectively in a holistic and positive manner that improves the values and intellectual being of men across their nation and around the globe.

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