Misery made me a friend Essay

Published: 2020-02-20 16:31:13
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It takes an evil person to kill an inocent small boy barely old enough to fend for himself. He was only a young child, he didnt have a chance against a Monster with the strength of twenty grown men. What the Monster did was out of revenge. Revenge is a human nature but is not a good thing. To seek revenge on somebody is a very unrational way of thinking. Two wrongs do not make a right. The Bible even says, if your neighbour hits you in your cheek, turn your face for them to hit you in the other. You should not retaliate. He had watched and learned from the Laceys and knew right from wrong by the time he had first killed.

He was an inteligent being, he had the brain of a very knowledgeable proffesor. This was shown in the way he did things. He knew to set up Justine for Willies murder, this would take quick thinking and someone who is on the ball. He knew that the people would look for someone to blame and punish. He did not want them coming in search for him, so when he saw Justine asleep he took his oppertunity. This lets us know he knew how mans laws worked and knew he was doing evil. He also would of known that killing Willie, Elizabeth and setting up Justine, to get her hung, would not correct what Victor did.

Another reason which makes the monster unjustified is; he never approached Frankenstien before commiting the murders to try and work out an alternative solution. You could argue that Frankenstien never abandonned the Monster. The Monster ran away. Victor claimed he thought that the monster had died. A more sensible and logical thing to do would of been to talk to Frankenstien first. He could of discussed the issues he had and found out more information. In commiting the murders, he showed a weakness of will. He had choices and elected to kill, this only turned Victor and the rest of mankind against him more.

Victor grudgingly put together a female companion for the Monster and backed out before the end. If he approached Victor before killing his younger brother, Victor may of been happy to do it. He may of even been able to make the Monster more attractive or helped him fit in more socially. As he was a very respected man. I feel that the Monster was not justified in his murderous behaviour. I think that he had a lot of difficult situations to get through but things could of been resolved differently. An equimilation of all the things caused the monster to snap and do what he did in my opinion.

The reason which makes up my mind is that he didnt try to approach Frankenstein before he lashed out. A lot of a pain could of been avoided that way and in the end, the Monster still didnt get what he wanted. Victor was a very respeced man and came from a respected familly, withhis help i feel the Monster could of eventually been accepted by people: Take The Elephant Man, his story is very similar to the Monsters. He was a man who had a disease causing his ead to be very large and have large tumors all over his body. He was very diformed and ugly. He was always looked at as a freak.

He was abused by other humans around him but never had the strength to seek revenge. He was found by a doctor who looked after him and helped him. After a lot of education and confidence building he was eventually accepted into the community. The help of the doctor made The Elephant Man feel wanted and gave him a meaning to his life. He died a happy man. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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