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After that the situation only got worse by him calling her a Niger. This clearly shows how they think they are better than the black people, as if there was none racist in the community at the time, they would be delighted that they were getting customers, how ever they know that this is the only place that they can shop, and no matter what they say or do to them, they are just going to come back, as that is the way it was, whites have more power than blacks. HOUSES In comparison to other black families the Logans are more privileged than the other black families during that period of time.

Not only do they own there own business in the cotton industry, but they also own a standard family home, which is better than the normal black families. The Logans home comes with 400 aches of land. Described by the narrator Cassie as warm and comfortable rooms with doors and wood and pictures This description of which was the opening sentence to what the Logan family home was like, gives us a first impression and enables you to visualize what it is really like.

The quote suggests that Cassie rather likes her house and that she is proud of it, in the way she describes it as warm and comfortable, as if it is what is expected. More into the novel a better description of the Logans home is given and you are then able to take into account everything they have in contrast to other black families. If we take into account another black family that are known in the novel the Averys. There housings is some what different to the Logans, in the fact that they live in wooden sacks that compromise of one or two bed rooms, in which the sack is small and dingy.

They do not own there own home, and they work as shared croppers on the Granger land. The Grangers who are presumably the wealthiest in the novel maintain their high status in there housing as well. Theyre family home stands out from the rest being spacious and modern and having the up to date furniture, having their business attached to the home, which also compromises of a posh car on the drive. Evidently the Grangers have it all, a family home and business highly status and being white! They are the most respectable family at the time in that area.

The Wallaces and the Simms are also wealthy white family in the novel, both having there own businesss and homes. The store consisted of a small building with a gas pump in front of it and a storage house at the back. This is the only real description given about the Wallace store, this description doesnt give a clear vision to what it is really like, however predominantly it will be some what better than the Logans home. Religion is an important issue to the black community in the novel. They see this as a form of escapism from daily routines, wealth and poverty issues that they have.

They see it as their way of creating unity and something that the whites cant take off them. Religion provides them with a political platform away from everyone else. I feel that during the novel they relate and turn to religion to get them through certain issues. Oh lord, no child exclaimed big ma This is when the Logans are having problems with their mortgage, Big ma prays to the lord several times during the novel, this shows how she turns to him for support and to get her through certain situations and hard times. Important issues.

During that period of time, things came at a cost. During the novel the only health issue that arises is with Paps broken leg, in which bigma is to the rescue. Big ma has historical education from her ancestors, and has herbs and remedies; this is her kno9wn status in the novel, something that takes her self away from every one else, having a special quality about her, that no one else has. The novel being in the 70s when racial and discrimination were about, sets the scene that the law and order was dominated by the white society.

There was total injustice, where the white mans word went, if it was right or wrong. The law turned a blind eye on the black people, even if their story was correct. What one has the other doesnt, and wealth and money is one of them, the whites have, the blacks dont. The blacks have to rely on credit or store receipts to get by on the general basic supplies, which is totally racist and dis-honest. The two different ethnic societies are living two totally different live styles.

If you have money you are able to buy land and receive respect, this is what Granger has! This entitles you to power over people; this is supported by the actions that Granger takes out during the novel. Despite this statement having land is power, this isnt the case for the Logan, whom do own there own land and home, but do not have the same power as the whites but do have more power than most blacks. Though out the novel racism and discrimination are in the novel, which divide the two ethnic societies.

What one has the other lacks in many situations that arise in the novel and in the general way they carry out their lives and every day activities. The white people are better off than the black society economically, in the way that they own there own land and houses and have money, not having to worry if they will have enough money to get by next year. Reluctantly they are treated better by the rest of the community and better respected for being the colour that they are; being as they live in the 70s the period of racial and a none equal society, the law is always on there side.

In the event of misconduct the law turns a blind eye to the doings of the Whites against Blacks. Nonetheless there are two sides to every dilemma. The bond that the blacks have towards on another is stronger than the white society has with each other. They know how they are miss treated and are not treated equally to the white so they stand together with one another to try and fight against it, not with each other. With the law being on the opposite side to them, they blacks have a better sense of right and wrong.

By this I mean the whites try to provoke the blacks into doing wrong and to try and cause arguments with them, however the blacks have sense of this and rise about this, knowing that by them doing what the whites expect of them, they stay clear and keep out, knowing that the justice wont do them any good. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mildred Taylor section.

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