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Published: 2020-02-22 02:11:25
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Dystopia is a dark vision of future which is imaginary, existing in a wretched place where life is fearful, full of miserable, oppression, human misery, violence and dehumanizing. Dystopian society lives with a fiction and prototypes of totalitarian dictatorship, continuously putting its population on trial, basing essence on concentration camps, enslaving and disenfranchising entire classes of citizens and prey on oneself through justifying and glorifying violence by law (Relihan, 1996, 23).

Dystopia society is considered undesirable because current trends are driven to nightmarish extremes. Frequently writings on dystopia are set as satires or warnings to indicate extrapolations of current trends to nightmarish conclusion. The characteristics of dystopia societies have made humanists, revolutionists and governments to discourage them as much as possible. The first reason is because the society is imaginary for it does not reflect contemporally society which explores probabilities and possibilities.

Secondly, this society does not conform to tendencies of contemporally whole and thus cant serve as a representative society. Again, dystopia illustrations and revelations about life are made to frighten and provoke. Dystopia is relative with time and place, making it spread fast because of technological advancements. The existence of this ideology is hard to define and demarcate, and thus intuitive (Otten, 1982, 56). If this ideology is left to spread, it may be difficult to govern the society and ensure conformity in economic, social and political domains.

This is because the society will be characterized by social stratification, enforcing and defining social classes, without social mobility, stigmatization and suppression in form of inequalities. Their political systems advocate for bureaucracy, anarchism, chaos, communism, socialism, dictatorship, totalitarianism, fascism, excessive capitalism, idealism and oppression. If these ideologies spread, life would lose meaning. It is therefore necessary for governments to ensure surveillance and carry out sensational and awareness creation seminars to change peoples way of thinking (Glendinning, 1996, 20).

Reference: Glendinning Miles. A History of Scottish Architecture: From the Renaissance to the Present Day. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 1996, PP. 20. Otten Terry. After Innocence: Visions of the Fall in Modern Literature. University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, 1982, pp. 56. Relihan Constance. Framing Elizabethan Fictions: Contemporary Approaches to Early Modern Narrative Prose. Kent State University Press, Kent, 1996, pp. 23.

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