Modern Version of Romeo and Juliet Movie with Leonard Di Caprio Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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Old stories get forgotten unless they are rejuvenated for the young. In the media world of today, books are forgotten and so is classical love. Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo de caprio was a fabulous attempt at bringing literature and drama back to life and into the hearts of the youth today. The first aspect of modernization is to portray the families as rich business tycoons of todays world: Montagues and Capulets. The styling of the men especially, the chic haircuts and clothes are not only modern but in fact futuristic.

This is most apparent in the guns, the shining metal and flash of silver cannot be forgotten. The fights between the two gangs take place at common place venues of today, that is gas stations. The cars are also futuristic. The letter that Romeo does not respond to is a by a well known courier service. There are times when the rapid cuts and raging soundtrack might cause understandable confusion between the movie and a rock video.

Indeed, with all the camera tricks, special effects (such as a roiling storm), and riotous splashes of color, its easy to lose the story in the style (Berardinelli, 1996). The flush-cut editing and fast-moving scenes and actions contribute further to giving the movie a futuristic feel removing it far from the classic ballad it is. Much of the decor, for example, the aquarium wall, through which Romeo and Juliet first eye each other, is very modern in its architecture and idea.

Such interiors never existed in the days of Shakespeare and neither is there any mention in the script. What makes the movie striking is the juxtaposition of old English style, rendered flawlessly and emotionally by the actors, with this modern, futuristic treatment, This juxtaposition is what makes Shakespeares work speak to the modern teenager, which was the main objectivce of the movie. References Berardinelli, J. Fil Review, Retrieved on 2nd June 2010 from http://www. reelviews. net/movies/r/romeo_juliet. html

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