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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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2) Has Martha identified the best target market for Trap-Ease? What other market segments might the firm target? Martha has targeted women for her product. She feels that women are the best group to target because they dont like the mess or the risks created by traditional mouse traps. But what Martha doesnt know about is woman is a large segment that is too wide to be targeted properly. In the society, woman population is shrinking rapidly causing market that Martha is targeting is shrinking.

By right there are a lot of other markets that have more potential which Martha could target. Other market which hold larger potential for Trap-Ease are market like environmentalist, pets owner, family with kids, factories, sewage, farm and man. Trap-Ease are reusable and durable, therefore it create less effect on the environment. This advantage would attract environmentalist that would care more for the earth. The environmentalist market are growing rapidly as more and more people are getting aware of the problem faced by the earth such as global warming and deforestation.

Trap-Ease also would be attractive for pets owner as it doesnt required poison and dangerous spring mechanism. The traditional mouse trap would pose a treat for the pets as pets might mistaken the poison for the food while the spring loaded mechanism might accidentally snapped on a paw or tongue of pets. Family with kids would also like to have Trap-Ease, traditional mouse trap and poison pose a very large risk to infant and kids. Parent would be happy to have this innovative safe mouse trap to be around compared to the dangerous traditional substitute.

The rats are also commonly found in factories, Martha should send some salesman to this market to introduce them Trap-Ease which would not create any mess and reusable. Factory would found it attracting as traditional mouse trap will create mass that would possibly contaminate the food that factories are producing. Martha also could group up with food safety NGO to make sure the factories are free of rats to the benefits of the society, while in doing so introduce Trap-Ease into it which will be the cost effective solution for the problem. Sewage are the main place mouse would live in a city, its full of mouse.

Martha could propose to the government to install the Trap-Ease in the sewage to reduce the amount of disease carrying rats in it. This could possibly be the largest market Martha will have. Finally, farm would be very interested to have this Trap-Ease in the farm as this is a cost effective way to control pest. Mouse has always been farm biggest problem, having a cost effective way to manage them? Excellent! Man should be the market segment instead of woman because males that enjoy heavy duty work such as grinding and the like are also another target Market to be considered.

Normally in family, man do these hard work instead of woman because most woman are scared of rats. 5)Who is Trap-Ease Americas competition? Trap-Ease Americas competition is any company that creates mouse traps. These competitors are large and hard to fight because most of the companies sold low quality cheap mouse trap. The mouse trap and poison they sell pose a large risk to pets and kids as well as the mouse they are supposed to kill. Regardless, there is also version of live catch mouse trap similar to Marthas.

Some company such as Mice X offer a version of mouse trap that allow the user to dispose the trapped mouse without touching the mouse. They sell it for $5 which is higher than Trap-Ease. This has given an idea that Trap-Ease have lower price compare to their competitor which is a large advantages. Companies such as Kindle did offer mouse trap that uses glue, it is reusable for a short term but are cheaper compared to other mouse trap. Other competitor included: Riddex, Mouse Free, and Sovart.

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