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Published: 2019-10-13 15:31:31
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I walked into my Advanced Composition class on the first day of school and was greeted by my peppy, upbeat teacher, Ms. Jorgensen. I knew it was going to be a fun semester just from that first day of class. In Advanced Composition, I had a lot of freedom to write what we wanted, when we wanted to. This helped me mold my papers into perfection with the help of Ms. Jorgensens phenomenal editing skills. She taught me how to write a paper that only I could come up with. She encouraged me to do this by using different writing techniques. Then, throughout first semester, my writing became interesting and bold¦instead of dry and boring. Overall Ms. J, has been my favorite teacher in my high school career. She has always been there to not only help me, but to also help other kids that are struggling, whether she likes them or not. She never does your work for you, but she points you in the right direction. I also had Ms. J for College Strategies.

In this class, she helped each student learn what they needed to have a successful college career. We learned about study skills, nutrition, and self-advocacy, sleep, and even how to pick our classes and professors. Throughout the class, she looked to us for ideas. She really wanted us to be learning about what we wanted to know. She helped us write our college essays (which helped me get into my first-choice school). And she even taught us relaxation skills. I use these skills before basketball games”and even before big tests. Ms. J was a person I could relate to”and a person I admired. She rarely wears a frown on her face and her smile rubs off on all her students. This is why I appreciate having Ms. Jorgensen as a teacher so much.

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