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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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Having the field experience is something that I myself am looking forward. I know that there will be lots of things that I would be encountering as I take my field experience, but one thing that I am looking forward to is working with my future faculty mentor. As I come close to having my field experience I have expectations about working with my faculty mentor, and the one thing that I expect to learn and attain through the help of my mentor is to become independent.

Faculty mentors will be assigned to us to help and guide us in our field experience, but it is not necessary for us to be always dependent on our mentors, we too should learn how to become independent while working with them. I believe that I will be learning a lot from my faculty mentor as I enter my field experience and one thing that I have to learn as I enter my field experience is to work independently.

Though our mentors will help us, I must possess the necessary skills in order for me to work independently. Before going into a field experience, one must first know self-management where one would set goals, consider alternatives and evaluate them according to ones specific knowledge and skills (Academic innovations: secretarys commission on achieving necessary skills (scans), 1991).

Another very important thing as I work with my mentor is that I should be responsible and must know how to manage my time well. Working independently means working by yourself; even though the mentors are there, one should be responsible to perform tasks and finish them in the time given (Academic innovations: secretarys commission on achieving necessary skills (scans), 1991). These I believe are the two most important factors that I should consider as I work independently with my faculty mentor.

From strategies to guidelines, I believe with the help of my faculty mentor that I would be able to learn these things and many more, but I know that I too should know how to work independently because this is a challenge for me to become a better person. Reference Academic innovations: secretarys commission on achieving necessary skills (scans). (1991). Retrieved from http://www. academicinnovations. com/report. html#manage

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