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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, had said, Ang taong hindi marunong tumingin sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa patutunguhan.[1]  One must always know how to go back to ones roots.  The essence of ones life is greatly reflected by the ability to remember the path taken to get to where one is headed.  Ones achievements are also highlighted by the reflections brought about by the environment that shaped ones own vision and mission in life.

            At this point in my life, where career opportunities are being shot at me from every direction, indecisiveness slowly creeps in to the corners of my mind:  what do I really want to do?  And one answer always keeps coming up:  I want to change the world.  Clich, yes.  Probably impossible as well.  However, all grand actions in this world began with baby steps.  As for me, this research paper is my very own baby step.

            Despite still being undecided as to what the conclusion to my studies would be, as to what career path I would take, as to which country I would serve, this research paper will aid me in whatever ministry I decide to do.

This research paper will lay down the path of understanding diverse professional and career opportunities.  If I decide to enter the corporate world and work under its marketing, sales or any other economics-related division, this research paper will bring about a deeper understanding of the economic policies of Hong Kong why Chinese products and services are more acceptable to Hong Kong companies, rather than those offered by other countries, especially the United States and Great Britain.  If I do decide to enter a career in the academe, this research will pave the way for a deeper understanding of colonization, state freedom, and shifts in political, economic, social and cultural environments.

On a personal level, this paper will help me understand immigrants in a deeper sense.  Just like Hong Kong nationals, immigrants experience a change in environment, and the struggle to balance embracing a brand new culture and holding on to age-old traditions passed from generation to generation.

Either way, this research paper will not go to waste as it brought me back to the place that gave birth to my being.

Its been a long time since Ive lived in Hong Kong.  Many times, I forget what it means to be Chinese choosing a burger over dumplings and noodles, partying in Times Square on the eve of the new year and yet sleeping through the eve of Chinese New Year, not calling my family during holidays or even just to tell them how I am doing.  Living in a foreign country brings about either one of two things: craving to go back home or completely forgetting what home is like.  This research paper made me go through a journey that I was trying to evade to remember where I came from.

It is not easy to do a paper on a place that had been a part of my life.  And yet the perspective brought into the paper is the perspective of a third person one who is not a Hong Kong local, Chinese national or British citizen.  This research paper on Hong Kong is done by someone from Hong Kong and yet all information and data are taken in a very objective view in order to report an unbiased analysis.  The need to present all sides of the issue is necessary for a better understanding of the conflict being presented in the paper.

And this is what distinguishes this research paper from other research papers.

[1] A person who does not know how to remember where he came from will never get to where he wants to go.

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