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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Purpose: The journey I had while selling magazines was memorable because I met a lot people and saw many fun places. Thesis Statement: Selling magazines doesnt sound fun, but doing it all over the U. S. was the best experience that anyone could imagine as well as meeting new people and seeing so many new places. It all started one sunny afternoon in sunny Oceanside, CA on the Camp Pendleton marine base. I was staying with a friend and I looked on craigslist and checked the newspaper for jobs, when I came across an ad in the paper that read A COOL TRAVEL JOB so I decided to call the number just to see what it was all about.

When the lady answered the phone she said, Thanks for calling Success Express how I can help you? and I replied hi my name is Katie and I am calling about the ad in the paper. The lady that answered the phone was Shellie and she asked me some questions and gave me an over the phone interview. When that was done she asked when I would be able to start and I said as soon as possible, then she said to call back in 30 minutes and I would know if I got the job.

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Selling magazines didnt sound fun, but doing it all over the US would be a great experience that I couldnt imagine doing and also meeting new people sounds fun as well as seeing new places. So 30 minutes later I called back and sure enough I got the job. Shellie sent me a bus ticket for the next day I got on the Greyhound bus and was on my way to Mesa, Arizona to meet up with the crew. When I finally arrived in Arizona after a long bus ride I went to the Ramada Inn where the crew was staying. It was around noon so of course the crew was out working.

I met Shellie and she got me into my room where I showered and got ready to meet the crew. Later on after the crew got off work, I finally got to meet everyone, who in a way was kind of scary because I wasnt sure how they were, but surprising enough they were really nice and welcoming. I had a trainer whose name was Tatiana and she gave me the rules and showed me around the crew and just gave me a rundown on what it was that we actually would be doing. After that it was pretty late so we called it a night and went to bed so we could be ready for the next day. So now the journey officially began.

We woke up the next day got ready and then had a meeting to get pumped up to sell some magazines. Oh boy, let me tell you that meeting was something else. There was singing songs, spill contests, and just a bunch of positivity all around that you would have thought you were in a cult, but of course you werent. The meeting was over and we finally left in a 15 passenger van to go to a neighborhood or an apartment complex where we would get dropped off and do our thing to sell magazines. Now of course we got paid, but it was on commission only so you only made money on what you sold.

Sounds hard, but not really it was like we were in a contest so it made it a little easier to talk to people because they would want to help you win so if all they had to do is buy a magazine to get you points they would. Dont get me wrong not everyone would buy one so you really had to put your charm on. A great day would be selling 10 magazines, but anywhere from 5-7 would be a good day and you would still make good money. There were so many states that I saw and loved but just to name a couple that I really loved and were my favorite was Hawaii, Guam and Alaska.

These places were amazing and those are the places that I made so much money. In Hawaii we stayed in a hotel right on the beach and would have free time to do what we wanted to like go shopping, play at the beach and even go to the bars. It wasnt just about having fun though we also had to work, see in Hawaii there is a lot of military so we would work on the bases and sell to the soldiers. The military bases are what we called our money makers because the soldiers would buy a lot of magazines and would pay in cash so it really secured our orders. Guam was a lot like Hawaii sunny warm and water all around you.

The local territory was little more different than Hawaii because they spoke Chamorro which is the language they speak there. Not everyone spoke different, but the ones that did were hard to understand. The people were all so very nice in Guam they would always offer you food and that is one thing with people in Guam if they offer you food you must take it because they consider it an insult if you say no thank you. The thing that I remember most about Guam is the stray dogs, but there they call them boonie dogs. These dogs would be all over and look so shaggy and some of them would chase you.

Was sometimes scary, but most of the time they would leave you alone. Now for Alaska, I love it very cold, but I could see myself living there one day. Yes we would sell magazines in the freezing cold but of course we were bundled in warm clothes. Everyone in Alaska is so nice and welcoming. Alaska is where I had my high day of selling magazines which was 20 sales, boy I was a happy camper. I also saw my first bald eagle. One thing about Alaska is in the summer time it never gets dark so its such a different feeling, I think it would be hard to sleep when its still light outside.

You would definitely have to get use to the weather, but it is still one of my favorite places. So selling magazines ended up being a very memorable experience for me because I never would have thought I would have seen so many cool places in the world. If you ever get to do an experience that would take you all over the country do it because you definitely wont forget it. Selling magazines might not sound fun to some people, but it was my most memorable journey in my life so far and I am glad I did because then I would not have met new people and saw new places.

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