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Published: 2017-03-18 14:30:55
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Doing skills in everyday life allows us to meet our individual needs We can maintain support for our clients in their life by discussing their needs with them and how they wont to tackle them. I work in a unit for severe learning disabilities and we discuss with parents and the client what they would like to achieve Through the days we work with the clients for them to be able to fulfil their needs and activities.

Working alongside them allows them to be able to complete their tasks themselves; this takes a more person centred approach. The clients also feel a sense of pride in what they have achieved and satisfaction. We could do the tasks for the clients and take away their choice it could lead to the clients having behaviour problems, also in the long term they will lose skills they have will not be able to learn or regain skills. 1. 2 Analyse reasons why individuals may need support

to maintain, regain or develop skills for everyday life You may find that in different stages of life people will have different problems that affect skills for everyday life One of the clients I work with has autism and shows different variants during different times of the year At Christmas time his behaviour turned quite aggressive and everyday tasks took a lot long and needed a lot more support. He also needed the support to understand how the behaviour is not socially accepted.

He attends college on a regular basis but as his social skills is quite limited because of his condition and during these times he requires more support from carers to be able to cope in the situation and carry on with the course he enjoys. As he is doing this on a regular basis and getting to know the people support is beginning to get less We also have to remind him about hygiene on a regular basis and are encouraging him to wash his own clothes and prepare his own food giving him the opportunity to live partially independently.

At Christmas this skills were lost through his behaviour and he needed continual support to relearn them We also have clients that have physical disabilities as well as learning disabilities; to be able to develop skills for everyday life they require support. A lot go swimming and have learnt to swim but to be able to do this activity they need the support of carers to take them there and change them. 1. 3 Explain how maintaining, regaining or developing skills can benefit individuals In doing this it will help with the wellbeing of the individual.

Physical wellbeing will mean the client is feed, are clean and tidy and this will lower the risk of infection making them healthy and happy. They will gain Psychological wellbeing which will give them increased confidence and will think better of themselves They gain emotional wellbeing; they will be happy and not have periods of depression Social wellbeing is something else that will be found they will be able to feel part of a community and belong By assisting in everyday tasks we are able to create a environment were the client has is happy and therefore promote wellbeing. 2.

3 Analyse possible sources of conflict that may arise When planning and ways to resolve them In our setting we share decision making with the individual and try to get them and their family included in the care and care planning. We do get problems sometimes however in the clients wishes and preferences. We have had an occurrence were an individual wanted to take apart appliances and put them back together again, this was dangerous to him and others around him, we did have to remove the appliances for his own safety. How ever since we have built up better relationships with him and learnt to understand his needs.

He now goes to college on a course that allows him to do this. You may get individuals that want an activity that is not on their care plan or you might try to carry out something that the client does not want, these could result to a risk to the individual and others as the above example did. The best way to resolve this is by developing trusting relationships, mutual respect and negotiating other ways of doing things as we did with the college course. 3. 3 Describe actions to take if an individual becomes Distressed or unable to continue

We do find that some of our clients become distressed during activities due to the nature of their problems. We can take a number of actions if this does occur We can offer reassurance to the person, communicating is important explaining that you understand and that they are safe. Praise their achievements in the task they are completing. We also have people on hand that can advise or assist in these situations. They one thing we always do is make sure the client is safe. We can also suggest to stop the activity with the client and take them away from the situation

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