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We pulled up outside the hotel, the rain bouncing down on to the muddy track. The icy wind rattled the trees and blew the dead rotting leaves. The hotel was half covered in the gloomy fog, which hang like the black rippers cloak. This fog had been looming around for many days, but it seemed to be getting heavier. Through the heavy fog, we could see the black cut out shape of where the door used to be, now the door laid alone on the timber floor, decaying and covered in woodworm and an unusual fungus has start to move itself on to the door. Thats the front entrance for the hotel, I think? I said to my fellow partner.

Has we look up the mist was so heavy we could only see the entries and the first floor of the hotel but the rested was cover in the gloomy mist. I gazed up at the full moon which was covered with the thick storm clouds which was starting gathering together like bees in a swam. The dim moonlight reflected off the dead looking trees, which casts weird, deformed, figure shapes on to the rotting leaves and the muddy path. To me the figures were moving toward us, but it just could be my eyes playing trick. I turned my head to what used to be a boating lake, but now a smelly swamp with a thick green crust of pondweed, which covered the surface.

I remember the old days when I use to swimming in the lake on those hot summer days, but I would go near it now with all the pollution, which has been pumped, into it. Where are we going to start our search? George asked On the top floor, follow me I locked the car and headed to the door. Weeds and insects have taken over the hotel now. Nettles grew up from the floorboards. We entered¦ Outside the rain stopped, but how long I asked myself The hotel was very quite accepted of the noises of the insects, too quite in my opinion.

I headed towards the stairs, but at the same time I was weaving my way around the woodland weeds. I set down one foot on to the first step; the step cracked and fell to the basement below. When the wood hit the floor I heard a little grunt, but the crack of the wood hitting the floor shadowed most of the sound of the grunt I heard. Be very careful the floor is not that safe, and I think that we are not a lone. We walked up the creaky, squeaky old wooden stairs. Slowly we walked, side by side, our eyes looking dead straight, gazing forward into the thick dark hovering mist.

We reached the top of the stairs in no time at all. I squinted into the darkness, trying to pick out a black book, which had a crystal object hidden in the leather cover, or so the town people said. We started to move once again, the rotting floor groaned and moaned, just crying for mercy with every step we made. The cold icy wind blew through every nook and cranny. Every breath we let out made us look like two old dragons letting steam run freely through our red scaly nose. My nose was red. My fingers were numb. At last we discover the room, 1¦ 0¦ 1¦ where thousands of mysteries lay.

I took a deep icy breath and held it tight as I squeezed my red raw fingers into a fist. Very slowly I turn the knob and very slowly pushed the door open, its whining rusty hinges, screaming with pain. With a crack the doors hinges gave way to the heaviness of the old door and the door went crashing down on to the floor with a bang. As so as the door hit the floor I blinked has the little impacted of wind and the thick dust and that load boom hit me? The boom from the door shook the hotel, which was followed by a loader grunt. After the bang the old abandoned room fell silent, and the only sounds the hoot!

Hoot! Of a creepy unseen owl and a Tick! Tock! Of the old grandfather clock, not forgetting the heavy thuds from our fast beating hearts. We gazed into the smelly; Bug infested, gloomy, candle lit room. The icy wind howled like a pack of blood thirty dogs or was it the wind that did the spine chilling sound? A shattered smoke stained window over looked a graveyard. The wind blew the ripped yellow cob webbed curtains, which cast a shadow of a ghost like image on to a winter picture with its crystal clear ice, which glistened and shone like the stars on a clear night.

The candles flame dance to a groovy beat. The icy wind blew hard. The candle flames disappeared one by one. Total darkness. Dong! Dong! Dong! The Dong! Sound echoed around the old rotten timber hotel just like two heavy footsteps on a hard wooden floor. I pulled the torches out of my rucksack and pass one to George. With a flick of the switch the torches blinding light beaded out, I shaded my eyes best I could because I couldnt bare the light, which almost blinded us both. George peeled back his shirtsleeve and shone his torch on his watch. 3 i?? clock sir, are we staying or are we going?

I never replied I had other thing on my mind because I was more interested about a bloodstain on the old looking bed. You are staying for ever! said a croaky young voice. After the voices two bright blue eyes peering out. I stared at the eyes and the eyes stared back. A deep chilling laugh came, like a wrinkly old teachers nail running down a black board. We cringed and covered our ears with our red raw numb hands. The windows smashed and the torches flicked, and packed up¦ Silence¦ The chilling eyes were still peering out. Here someones spying on us BANG OOPs

Jesus Christ George what were you trying to do? Scare me to death? The two little eyes blinked and ran into a hole in the piano. A rat, just only a little rat I gave sighs of relief. I turn to face George, but George was not there? George! George! Where are you? by now I started to think if this was a good idea in the first place. I am down here you dummy I turn my head and looked to the floor. No youre not you liar Yes I am! O! Im upside down so look up at the roof You better not be lying and anyway how did you get up on the roof? I tilled my head and looked up. I dont know.

By now things had started to get confusing and I started to get nervous. I felt like I was in a fun house. I sat myself down on the bed and rubbed my hands together just trying to get some warmth back into them. I gazed back up at George, but George was not there any more. Quietness Im behind you I jump once again. Do not do that to me Ive told you once I looked around. A broken glass lay on an Ouija board. A note said: The rest of the note was covered in blood. I looked out of the window and squinted to the graveyard. We need to check out that graveyard, I said. Whats this? I think its a death certificate for?

For? There are no names on it. It has been erased. Look at the Signature James Wilber. James Wilber. The dead person is James Wilber. He died of suspicious circumstances. We are off to that graveyard. I turn and pointed to the window but there was no window and no door, we were stood in the graveyard? Hay! How did we get out here when we were up there? Where is the hotel? I turned and look into the distance, Theres the hotel, how ca it be? A about a minute ago we were in that room up there. I pointed. The graveyard was dark and misty. A dead ugly creepy tree hung over an old fashioned tomb.

The howling wind blew a load of dead rotten leave, crisps packets and dust into my eyes. I tried to cover my eyes but it was no use so I wait for the wind to clear. While I was waiting for wind to clear, I thought of the different things, which could happen to us on our twisted little journey. When the wind cleared I opened my eyes. I saw George stumbling over roots, then stopping and slowly bending over to pick something up, it looks like a piece of paper. To me it looked like a potato chip bag, so Id carried on looking. Hey come and look at this I have just found he called over.

I zigzagged my way around the gravestones. I reached his side and grabbed the paper. It was a dollar dating back to 1891. Is that real? It looks like it to me. Well where did it come from? America you dip stick. No you fool? I mean how did it get here? At this time the mist turned into a heavy fog and it was much colder. OOOUH! OW. OW. OOOUH! We have to get back to the hotel. A patter of feet, thundered on to the hard floor followed by a horrify howl. It sounds like! Like! Werewolves One of the werewolves jumps on to the tomb and gave us a horrifying look.

I turned around and gazed back, 5 sets of red eyes were racing towards us. Run! The snapping of jaws and growling echoed in my ears. The hotel came in view. Closer and closer. We run through the opening and pick up the door, which was on the floor. The scrapping of claws scratched on the now replaced door. A thunderstorm started to settle in. I went for the light switch and stop and remember that the electricity was off. So I tried the torch, it was no good so I lit a candle and then found a spot to go to sleep. It was a chair with a white sheet hung over it, I ripped the sheet off, which cause a shower of dusted.

The chair looked brand new. The rain started the thunder roared. The rain pounded down like bombs dropping in the war. This cause the rain to leak through the roof, which turned the room smelly, the scrapping of claws disappeared. How long will the rain last? Dont know Well I am off to sleep. George said. George lay on a couch and gazed up at the roof. Drip! Drip! Drip! Tick! Tock! Tick! Ill keep a look out for the first hour and you keep a look out for the next. Ok. Drip! Drip! Drip! Tick! Tock! Tick! I gazed over to George; he was out like a light. Bless him

For many hours I tried to get to sleep that, but something was forcing me to stay a wake, The cold was getting worse so I decided to make a little fire. I got up and broke up some wooden chairs and made a pile of wood to light. I went to the cooker room and found some lighter fuel and went back. Four dips of the lighter fuel and one strike of a match and the fire was lit. The warmth rushed through my body like water out of a tap. The flames lit up the room. The full moon shone brightly through the black storm clouds and through the window. A flash of lighting lit up the room. I turn my head and flash.

When the lighting flashed and the flames danced, a round object glistened in the light. I got up and walk over to the object, which was starting to bug me. Drip! Drip! Drip! Tick! Tock! Tick! Flash Crack I picked up the object and looked at it very closely. It was a coin, an America Cent. I reached deep into my pockets and pull out my glasses. The coin was dated back to 1891. On the back it said, in god we trust I walked back to the chair and reached for my side pocket and pull out the dollar bill and compared the two. On the back of the note it also said. In god we trust The same Drip! Drip!

Drip! Tick! Tock! Tick! Flash Crack Dong! Dong! Dong! 12o clock Flash I gazed at the grandfather clock. What the hell? by now I am getting a bit excited because of the discovering I had just made. In side the clock was a parcel wrapped up in an America flag. I slow open the parcel just in case it was a bomb. I peeled back the flag slowly. In side the flag was a shoebox, I took the lid off slowly, I felt like a kid on Christmas day. In side the shoebox there was a black and white picture of a young man. At the top of the photograph was some writing, which said. JAMES WILBER, 21st of January 1900.

In god we trust Died here in room 1¦ 0¦ 1¦ And there was the black book with the crystal object hidden in the cover we were looking for. The Young Cranky voice came again. Died here in 1¦ 0¦ 1¦ so come! Come The voice was much softer than last time, almost like a whisper. A big flash of lighting woke George up. George. Follow me. I said I headed to the stairs. We walked up the creepy, squeaky, creaky timber stairs. We reached the top of the stairs and head to the room 1¦ 0¦ 1¦ Theyre sat a ghost-like man. Thank you, thank you The ghost had a sad face but slowly the face change to a sneer.

The ghost lifted its head up and starts shouting Give me the book! Why? Give me the damn book The hotel started to shake. No! Why? The ghost looked at me. His eyes seamed to burn me. Give me the book, now No The ghost rose in to the air and the eyes of the ghost changed from milky white to blood shot red. Smoke filled the room. Damn the fire down stairs I yelled loudly I turned and headed for the stairs. Stop. The ghost shouted out. No, get lost I shouted back My heart started to beat faster and faster. As soon as I hit the stairs, the stairs gave way and I hit the floor below with a THUND¦

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