Nurture and nature affect the human growth and development Essay

Published: 2019-12-09 08:12:06
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The dictionary defines growth and development as the process by which human increase in size and mature in form and function. It can be influenced by nurture- the act of nurturing and the physical world or nature itself. Nurture affects growth when it comes to biological aspects- heredity for instance. If the parents are both tall, the possibility that the offspring be tall is high. Hence, it really affects growth. But, what about the development?

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For sure, heredity is again involved. However, nurture affects human growth especially development. It is a huge factor in both two. It affects growth in the sense that the nutrients needed by a child is dependent in nurturing ways of his family most especially the parents themselves. Parents are the agent for nurturing their child. Nurture, moreover, affects development in so many ways. If the social interpretation of an individual is bad, maybe the product is also bad and vise versa in good. In addition, here are some instances that nurture affects development:

First, during the primary stage when the family is the immediate environment and the child is still not capable of thinking, the parents themselves influenced the identity of this child through the given name. whether we like it or not, we cannot choose what name we wanted others to call us because nurture dictates it. Second, during the secondary stage, our social concept is affected/influenced by the environment- church, school, peer group, social setting and mass media.

If we are raised in a Christian family, maybe we tend to practice what has been indoctrinated to us. Hence, even Socio-Economic status(SOS) affects ones social concept. Lastly, it is just to say that nurture dictates ones personality. It should be normative enough and is accepted by the society.

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