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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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According to Lin, Guthrie and Frazao, childrens calorie consumptions from fast food and soft drinks increased dramatically. Weight is always a problem in our society. Now a day, we are forgetting about healthy food just to save our time and money. We have adopted fast food to reach a level of obesity. Fast foods have a biggest contribution on obesity because of easy access on food restaurant; contain less amount of nutrition, and food advertisements.. Now it seems like fast foods fat and sugar are the main problem but if we dont take an immediate action, towards the situation, it might be a genetic problem.

A fast growth of fast food restaurants are the main cause of people becoming obese. They are also being victim of diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, heart attack, etc. People prefer taste food but dont pay attention to the price as the result comes with huge amount of fat and sugar resulting diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Abundance amounts of fast food restaurants are promoting peoples interests eating outside home rather than home. Today more than a third of Americans are considered as obese. Type 2 diabetes is a common sickness carried out by these fatty peoples.

Receptivity to Television Fast-Food Restaurant Marketing and Obesity among U. S. Youth (McClure 568). We might be able to reduce or balance the amount of obesity using insulin. Fast food restaurants distribute lots of cookies and toy candies to children. Which may be a major contribution on childhood obesity? Epidemically, fast food is a major contributor to the obesity. It is also reducing their home activity such as cooking at home kitchens. Some of these food restaurants are illustrated as McDonald, Jack in the Box, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc.

Price and quality always need to balance. Proper exercise is necessary to maintain our body fat and to stay healthy. According to ADA (American Diabetes Association), refined carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels too high these can spikes youre Fast Food & Bad Health Side Effects blood sugar, damage your heart and might makes you gloomy. Even we pay full amount of money hamburger, Neupaney 2 in these restaurants, only contain 20% of meat; rest is just flour. We see some issue everyday about a milk containing fat on it at fast food restaurants. Fast food is increasing the number of kids with food allergies and asthma.

Places like hospitals where they were supposed to cure disease are serving fast food in their cafeteria and adding the rate of being ill. Food with less nutrition fulfill theirs hunger faster and is increasing their eating tendency. 1,000 are the average amounts of calorie that fast food meal contains As you use it for long time, fast food can negatively affect you physically and emotionally. Because of efficient service, peoples are eating food with low crab. Grab and go are the main reason of us eating food with nutrition less foods. Schools have made significantly greater progress on sugar-sweetened beverages, comparing to lower- sugar beverages by replacing juice with sodas.

Solid Fat and Added Sugar Intake Among U. S. Children: The Role of Stores, Schools, and Fast Food (Poti 559). According to the survey King a habit of eating Examples is burger, chicken tenders, pizza, and hot dog, etc. Buy one chicken bacon burger, French fries, and coke; and get another chicken free; and even with a zero figure girl eating that burger. This are the kind of advertisements which encourage people buy their product. Children are easily attracted by the way advertisements are presented on television and these Ads are playing vital role in child obesity.

Fast food restaurants are one of the most trending businesses in social media. Even celebrities are being a part to trend its business. For instance, Michelle Obama is promoting fast food for children. Social networking is taking negative impact in our society. Repeating food advertisements they see on those media might empty their parents pockets upon their influential requests.

According to Nielsen Media Research Korea, in year 2004-2010, people with low income saw more fast food advertisements than those with higher income. How Television Fast Food Marketing Aimed At Children Compares With Adult Advertisements (Bernhardt 6). Deals and discounts are robbing people in a middle of a sunny day.

Lavish fast food packaging, burger-adorned egg advertisements, pizza box branding are some evidence of this television world. It will amaze you by just looking how much money you could save by making a habit of eating outside home. In another prospective lots of people are holding job through these fast food restaurants. Food takes huge amount of our annual budget. You can eat for a week at fast food restaurant for the money which you use in a day at home.

Peoples around the world are ordering food online now a day instead of cooking at home. Immigrants and refugees are addicted to these Neupaney 3 items because its easy to afford and can be found everywhere. Even in hospitals cafeteria fast foods are the means patients save their money. Mostly, high school students and college students are paying their tuition fee through their job at these places. Annually, 30 million unemployed peoples are earning their lives through these restaurants. Deals and discounts are also a great way to save money through these restaurants.

According to my personal research, on my community, vast majority of people said, I would rather eat outside home because I get various healthy food options in fast food restaurants for cheap price. Beings having weight loss problems are also balancing their diet supplements through this fast food. Peoples weight status depends upon different components and ingredients used by restaurants. Elsevier Almost 20% of these Americans have succeeded in increasing weight in this past decade. We have to be careful and have to take action towards these fast food companies.

We have to demand nutritional information on their food boxes, warning from government and funds program towards fast food addiction. . Its ok for them to eat such foods once or twice per week. But if it exceed its amount, people will get obese. Even the apple and orange pie provided by McDonald and Burger Kings are unhealthful as eating cheese burger.

Children affected by fast food are undocumented and are not filed. Parents need to be cautious with those problems. We owe them and have to motivate our community it pressurize them to bring healthier foods option for the same low prize they charge us for fatty foods. In different way, we could all be a victim of fast food.

In future, we might grow a disease like stroke, high-blood pressure etc. In different ways, we could all be a victim of fast food. In future, we might grow a disease like stroke, high-blood pressure etc. to prevent this we have to stand up for whats right. To prevent this we have to stand up for whats right. Its time for us to take action and make impact in our own lives.

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