Obamas Plan to Achieving Peace and Prosperity Essay

Published: 2020-02-10 14:30:11
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In Cairo, Egypt, President Barrack Obama conducted a speech, addressing the problems that both Americans and the Muslims are facing. During his speech, Obama mentions the current issues that the whole world is facing as well as the solutions to these problems. Such solutions, according to Obama, can only be implemented by working together. Islamic Stereotypes President Obama mentions two stereotypes of the world against the Islamic civilization that are rooted in a history of hatred, division, and terrorism: (1) They are inevitably hostile to both the world and the human rights it upholds, and (2) their civilization is crude.

These stereotypes are false since only Islamic extremists possess such hostility towards the world, and the Islamic civilizations progress and its contributions have been quite evident throughout history ” their role in the European Renaissance and enlightenment, for instance, was invaluable. Islam is a Part of America Islamic culture has been evident within Americas borders, wherein Muslim communities enjoy the freedom to practice their religion while relishing the lifestyle brought about by American culture, which provides opportunities for people who seek a better life.

Migration brought their culture into the country, and this cannot be denied because the constitution, which America upholds, protects their freedom to practice their cultural beliefs within the country. Through their citizenship and their involvement within American society, the United States integrated them as a part of America. Being Shaped by Different Cultures Throughout history, various cultures have influenced each other. For example.

it has been mentioned in the speech as well as in history books that the Renaissance was brought to life by the Muslim culture when traders traveled across continents through trade routes. Thus, being influenced by other cultures is inevitable. It is primarily rooted from the need for different peoples to understand each other, and in the process, they prosper and achieve progress. There is a shared interest that drives peoples into adopting the best aspects of other cultures in order to promote a better future for everyone.

Issues that Need to be Addressed In his speech, Obama enumerates certain issues that needs to be resolved in order to promote peace and prosperity. He adds that it should be an imperative for people from all cultures to work as a unified entity in order to solve the following issues: Violent extremism in all of its forms; Situation between Israelis, Palestinians, and the Arab world; Shared interest in the rights and responsibilities of nations on nuclear weapons; Democracy; Religious freedom; Womens rights; and Economic development and opportunity.

By working together in solving these issues, he believes that the world would become better than what it is today. Obama also believes that it is a necessity to address these issues for the sake of future generations ” for our children. Reference Obamas Middle East Speech: VIDEO, Full Text. (2009, June 4).

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