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Published: 2020-02-19 11:02:47
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Compassion is a tricky thing. Most often than not, one feels compelled to offer sympathy because it is expected in a society where morals play a big part in determining an individuals personal worth. The signs of time reveal that compassion is becoming part of the norm. Celebrities and politicians have used this platform in order to gain the support of the people and establish a culture of awareness that roots it in a reality of injustices and pain. The Dalai Lama has stated that in order for one to make others happy, one must practice compassion and the same goes with finding happiness from within.

However, what Barbara Ascher has written is a situation that paid attention to the miniscule happenings of the typical urban dwellers. This isnt some major cause in which humanity is called forth to participate in a problem bigger than themselves. This is reality found within the four corners of an array of stores and a bus-load of people. The text doesnt connote the difference between compassion found within a city and compassion found in more destitute places though its concern with the general impact that coerces an individual to be more giving implicitly defines a delineated stance on appropriateness.

The conflict stems from the motives exhibited by ordinary people to fellow human beings and the only thing that differentiates them is money and their appearance. How does one go about in determining such actions as giving a dollar bill to a homeless man or food to an impoverished individual during winter time? Is there really a difference when one compares it to the things that plague most developing countries living on less than $1 a day? Ascher described her observations in a way that traces doubts into the common psyche found in urban city-dwellers and its destitute citizens.

Compassion is narrowed down to an expression of pity and disgust over what other people see as a mess, in which case the best course of action to take is to clean it up. Her interpretation of how the city official deals with the homeless citizens found within their confines explicates a notion of wonderment that is not akin to be a positive effect of the season though it may seem like it does. What Ascher may have wanted to point out is the trend that most people in America subscribe to during the holidays that exposes the realities of an individuals beliefs like a virus in the air that spreads around and infects people.

Aschers concern with peoples behavior during the holidays illustrates the twisted morality that exists in American society. What drives her to question such actions could have been determined by the double standard living to which the average American is observed to be drawn to, despite the disorder that are present in their society. It is in this case that reality resurfaces and makes known the many facets of compassion, one that starts within its community (Ascher, 1990).

One may find it difficult to truly measure the motives that are behind compassionate acts but Ascher has clearly stated that it is a natural response to something which an individual sees as not of the norm and the only way to address this is by helping out in any way that they can. Needless to say, this extends to what is happening around the world, and the harsh realities is beyond what a dollar bill can sustain as most often than not, the poorest of the poor need more than that (Ascher, 1990).

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