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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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The Ontario Forest Accord is an organized agreement of forest industry representatives, environmental community and the Ministry of Natural Resources which aims to make an acceptable approach to establish parks and some protected areas but not jeopardizing the needs of the forest industry. The Accord is under legislated protection also concerning the management of protected areas regarding its sustainability.

Now, they are currently implementing Room to Grow policy that advances the wood production that can be allocated to parks, protected areas and forest industries. Since the Accord is aiming for environmental beauty and sustainability, they caught the attention of the tourists which gave them the idea to really put their work into good use and drastically improve tourism. The Accord has a huge responsibility on their hands having twelve percent of the forest and protected areas for which they have to manage.

With their efforts, the tourism industry got more involved and productive”they have coordinated with the Accord organizers to draw up some policies in which they can make the implementation of the Accord more accepted by the public. The Room to Grow policy linked the two separate fields to hand-in-hand help each other for sustainability and development as well. For conservation and protection, Ecological Land Acquisition Program was launched to protect private land. This program is concerned with the transactions between the private sector and the government who wants to claim ecologically rich area.

Basically, it was made to protect the habitat of species and also restrain companies of acquiring ecological lands that may help us improve our natural resources. The Ontario Forest Accord is like a relentless police that keeps on checking the government and private sector regarding their actions with natural resources.

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