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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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For this task I was asked to compare two operating systems, the two operating systems I have chosen are Windows Vista and Xubuntu Linux the reason I have chosen these two operating systems is because of the main differences both of the operating systems play in the computer market. The purpose of an operating system is to manage all of the hardware and software on the computer and is also used as an interface for the end user to the computer. Without an Operating System the end user would not be able to use any of the software that is installed on the computer, and you wont be able to install anything on the computer.

There are lots of things to take into account when considering an operating system and below I have explained what they are and why they are important. Both operating systems compared in this evaluation have free software that is added to the computer that does not need to be downloaded or installed. Windows Vista has a limited range of free software that are pre installed as factory standard onto the operating system such as internet explorer 7 for going on the internet and windows messenger for instant messaging capabilities.

On the other hand Xubuntu Linux has an ample amount of programs because it s main source of open source software which include Mozilla Firefox for net browsing, open office for processing documents, GIMP for photo editing and many more which are also free even if you have to download or install them. When installing anything in Windows vista, the end user would have a visual interface to install a product, which uses only binary files, this interface is very easy to use and can be used automatically by end users that cannot use a computer.

Although using a Linux operating system may make the user manually install and compile the folder and without proper use and could end up a mess because it is not very user friendly process, but some versions of Linux also use a visual interface that is as easy to install rather than using a binary installation which is a Graphical User Interface version of the installation that has an easy to follow interface and does all of the work for you, that windows is known for using.

This was combated by the OSI program Wine which is used on Linux to install the programs from Windows to a Linux machine. Windows uses a user friendly interface that lures new computer end user to the operating system even though Linux xubuntu can be changed to the users settings to look like another operating system such as Windows vista, Mac OSX Leopard or anything to make the end users like easier. Windows has always been easier to use because of its all Graphical user interface with large writing, animation and icons which are easier to use for the newer end-user.

Linux is also starting to use a Graphical user interface but it still partly uses a command line interface with a similar syntax to windows command line. When using the command line for Linux has been mastered it is very easy to use afterwards. Windows vista needs a virus scanner and spyware detector and all sorts of different security devices to ensure that is remotely safe and Linux at this moment in this completely safe because of it programming is very hard to make viruses for even though the source files are available publicly.

This is also because the many thousands of Linux operating system are so unpopular that anybody who makes viruses is only bothered about Xp and Macs. When something goes wrong with an operating system the end user is expected to find out what is wrong with the operating system and fix it. Microsoft has loads of call centre (mainly in India and the middle-east) that are happy to tell you what is you did wrong with your computer and not what you actually need to know.

Now Linux uses the internet forums and textbook which Microsoft windows users also could use. For every piece of software that can be used on windows operating system, there is also a version for that program on Linux. This software is not exactly the same for each of the operating systems but for features can be close and the other, less popular version could have some feature that are not on the windows version of that specific product.

Image editing is used in the industry to make a picture look different, better or worse depending on the industry if the industry is a holiday makers or a tabloid, it would be used to make a place look better than it actually is with white sands and blue sea, if the industry is a modelling agency image editing program would be used to make people look better by getting rid of any features that may make the model standout for example spots or crooked teeth, the last example of an image editing software is used in the tabloid industry which makes features of a person more noticeable and a prime example of this is the celebrity magazines that are published to knock celebrities down a notch, this is why image editing software is a double edged sword in the industry. Adobe Photoshop is made to be able to edit pictures and is now an industry standard. There is an open source version of this which is GIMP, even though it is not as good in features as the Photoshop but has its own features such as selective colour changes that are not used in Photoshop. Linux Xubuntu can also use wine to use Photoshop which the end user can use programs from windows and apple on the Linux.

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