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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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The first thing that one notices on the advert is an image of a model lying horizontally across the page. There is very little language,only the name of the product Opium in the bottom right of the advert. It is written in capitals and is medium in size. The colour of the font is gold,which immediatley gives the product a luxurious feel and makes the font stand out. The model is strange in two ways: She is wearing no clothes and her skin is almost pure white.

There are two pieces of jewellery and she is also wearing shoes and make up. Her fiery red hair stands out from the rest of the body,and is one of the most dominant colours on the page. Red symbolises passion and lust,which may explain her feelings when she wears the perfume. Her eye shadow is green,which may mean that the perfume makes her feel reborn due to greens connecton with spring and rebirth. It could also mean that the product is pure,due to green being a neutral colour.

Certain people are often described as being green with envy,so the advert could be saying that people envy her when she is wearing the perfume. Her body is totally white,which also could mean that the product is pure and natural,so it has made her just the same. The name of the product is very unusual. One feels that the name must come from the Opium plant,of which Heroin is derived. This may mean that the product gives the same qualities to a wearer of the perfume as to a heroin addict.

Heroin is addictive,and makes someone feel happy and relaxed when they consume it. The model in the picture is in a very relaxed,sexual position,which implies that the product has given her these happy and sexual feelings. It could also mean that she dosent need clothes or material things to be happy or successful as all she needs is the product. This theory is in direct conflict though,with the jewellery and shoes that she is wearing. She is wearing these to show that the product is a release from the pressures of reality,and this complies with the first theory.

The lack of an image of the product on the page is unusual. The need of an image seems to be fulfilled by the image of the model. The top of an actual Opium bottle is a similar red colour to the models hair. Also,the whiteness of her skin could represent the purity of the product,and the lack of hair on her body could be similar to the smooth texture of the bottle,while the jewellery and the gold shoes could symbolise the luxuriousness of the bottle and product. The luxuriousness is also shown by the blue velvet that the model is lying on.

The advert contains no superlatives or comparitives to show how superior the product is. It also has no information on how to buy,all it has are the words the fragrance from YVESSAINTLAURENT. The use of the phrase the fragrance makes it seem as if the product is the best and the only fragrance worth having. Reputation alone seems to be the adverts way of selling the product. The manufacturers hope that the audience will realise the superiority of the product and know where to buy it from,as it is the fragance.

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