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Published: 2020-01-28 02:51:51
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An Occupational Lens (or Enhanced Reader) is a reading lens that has a Degression zone to incorporate the Intermediate prescription (and sometimes, depending on prescription, a good DV portion)

Why dispense an Occupational Lens, instead of a Reading pair of glasses? With more and more people using Computers, Laptops and Smartphones, we demand more from the Intermediate zone than ever before. So by dispensing a pair of Reading glasses to a (Pre)Presbyope we are predominantly only taking care of one aspect of the cxs working or home life day. Therefore, with the introduction of the Occupational Lens, we can ensure the cx is able to see both the NV and INT zone without compromise. Who to Dispense an Occupational Lens to:

Any (Pre)Presbyope, therefore, anyone who has a Reading Add of +0.75 and above, for those with less than a +0.75 Add, there is an alternative lens that can be offered (more about that another time) Anti Fatigue (0.60 Degression). Types of Occupational Lenses available at Specsavers:

1.498 Sola Access (0.75 and 1.25 Degression)
Very good entry level Occupational lens

1.498 Enhanced HD (0.75 and 1.75 Degression)
1.60 Enhanced HD (0.75 and 1.75 Degression)
More advanced Occupational Lens , better suited for those with higher Add powers

1.498 Hoya Tact (+1.00D to +3.00D Add available)

A pre-introduction to varifocals as this lens gives you more distance vision compared to the other 2 lenses http://www.hoyavisioncare.com/asia/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=67&Itemid=84

All of the above lenses are available with Specsavers UltraClear Coating (UC), and can also be tinted up 8% LTF (very dark) Features:
Lens Name | Sola Access | Enhanced HD | Hoya Tact | Degressions available | 0.75 & 1.25 | 0.75 & 1.75 | N/A | Additions available | N/A | N/A | 1.00 3.00 | UltraClear | Y | Y | Y |

Tintable (up to) | 8% LTF | 8% LTF | 8% LTF | Fitting Cross (above HCL) | HCL | HLC | 10mm | Minimum Fitting Height | 19mm | N/A | 18mm | Indexes available | 1.498 | 1.498 & 1.60 | 1.498 |


Excellent INT and NV Zone compared to a regular VF
Good, but limited DV Zone (great for home/office based environment) No longer a need to carry around several pairs
How do you dispense an Occupational Lens?
Both the Sola Access and Hoya Tact are dispensed like a regular Varifocal (taking mono PDs and Heights). The Enhanced HD can be dispensed like a regular SV lens fitting the lenses on HCL, however, to get the best out of the lens, it is advisable to put vertical heights in. This way you are making sure the cx gets the best out of the lens (high RXs +- 3.00 and above should have vertical heights automatically). Advantage to Specsavers and you:

By dispensing Occupational lenses over Single Vision Reading lenses, we are increasing our ATV (Average Transaction Value), therefore increasing our weekly sales. This also means BONUS is more likely.


Reading Lenses @ ?69.00 (1.498 with UC)
X 7 days x 4 weeks = ?1,932.00 Revenue generated on one pair of reading lenses per day for a month

Occupational Lenses @ ?109 (1.498 with UC)
X 7 days x 4 weeks = ?3,052.00 Revenue generated on one pair of reading lenses per day for a month

Therefore, an increase of ?1,120.00 in Revenue generated for the month. This could mean the difference between Bonus and NO Bonus

Speaking of Bonus, the person that dispenses the most Occupational Lenses will be rewarded by the Directors. Please keep a note of each Occupational Dispense you do and give to Christian at the end of each week.

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