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Published: 2020-02-22 04:10:43
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Streptococcus suis is a type of bacterial food borne pathogen that can exist inside the body of pigs without causing any form of illness to its host although the zoonotic microbe can cause certain diseases occasionally. When an infected pig is consumed by humans, some of the symptoms include purulent meningitis, arthritis as well as deafness and ataxia in some cases. Even the mere contact of human skin with open wounds to infected swine can cause such symptoms of Streptococcus suis infection. Part Two

In Sichuan, China, 215 cases of Streptococcus suis infections were reported from July to the end of August in 2005. Of the 215 cases reported, 66 were confirmed by laboratory examinations. Backyard farmers comprised the large bulk of the infected patients after slaughtering pigs that died from an illness of unknown causes. Almost a quarter of the farmers suffered from sepsis while almost half had meningitis. A small number of the infected farmers died while the remaining victims suffered from streptococcal toxic shock syndrome.

Laboratory results confirmed that a single strain of S. suis was primarily responsible for the outbreak. Due to the high mortality ratio among the victims of the outbreak, backyard slaughtering of pigs was prohibited which eventually put a stop to the outbreak. Part Three Three hundred patients were rushed to a local hospital in New Jersey within the span of two months from April to May of 2008. Medical findings show that all of the patients suffered from a combination of meningitis, arthritis and vomiting.

Although none of the patients died from the complications, more than half of the admitted patients were bedridden for an average of one week. Medical investigations reveal that all of the patients came in contact with or consumed meat sold from one of the local meat shops. A few weeks after the initial report on the conditions of more than half of the patients was disclosed, the chief physician of the hospital released a medical bulletin stating that all of the patients were infected with Streptococcus suis from pork.

Police investigations reveal that the pork sold at the local meat shop contained the microbe. The local health department confirmed an outbreak a few days after the release of the reports. It was found out that the pork sold came from a local pig farm with unsanitary practices of slaughtering pigs. Poor meat preparation on the part of the patients was also seen as a factor for the outbreak. Part Four Sofiul Nomans report on an E. coli outbreak is filled with vital information that helped me gain more insight into the nature of E.

coli outbreaks. The different examples Sofiul gave serve as guides for students like us to critically analyze the causes and effects of similar outbreaks to individuals and to the larger society. I have learned that the threats to life of E. coli outbreaks are serious and that the urgency of resolving such outbreaks is of utmost importance in order to prevent them from further affecting more people. I have also learned from Sofiuls repot that, like any other form of outbreak, we should not take E.

coli outbreaks less seriously. On the contrary, E. coli outbreaks should be treated seriously because anybody in any part of the world regardless of age or gender can be infected by the microbe.

Part Five

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