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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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I. Couple in love? It very sweet couple that we can see and as human nature loving couple between man and women. Now! Are you familiar with this situation? Is that true nature of human relationship? So what you all prefer to be?

II. Nowadays, there are a lot of social problem in Malaysia regardless of the problem which is baby dumping, illegal race (mat rempit), murderers and many more. So homosexual is one of the teenager problems. According to the article of The Nut Graph on 15 Dec 2010, 32 years old, a Malay-Muslim Malaysia posted a video on YouTube in which he declares I am gay and I am okay. So, my topic today is what the effect of homosexual is. Homosexual is romantic or sexual attraction or behavior between members at the same sex or gender.

III. Homosexual have divide by two which is lesbian for girl and gay for boy. I as a citizen of Malaysia am not supportive and very care and caring to those who are involved with homosexual problem. So, this problem should be taken seriously because it will give effect to many people and also to themselves.

IV. So, I will explain three effect of homosexual which are effect to themselves, family and government.

(Transition: lets start with the first effect of homosexual which is effect to them.)


I. Firstly, the effect of homosexual to themselves is health. Homosexual relationships are at far greater risk for contracting life-threatening disease compared with married couples. Young gay men have become more likely to contract HIV from a steady sexual partner than from a casual one. Homosexual relationships experience a far greater rate of mental health problems and suicide attempts compared to married couples and non-homosexual peers.

II. Secondly, the effect of homosexual will be affect to family. Homosexual will effect to family relationship and structure of family institution because marriage among same sex cannot produce new generation. As we know, the nature of human marriage is to continuo and increase the population either Muslims or non-Muslim. Young generations are very important to our family generation with healthy lifestyle.

III. Lastly, the effect of homosexual to the government. In fact, the homosexual community has every right that every other American has. They are free to marry anyone of their choice of the opposite sex. In Malaysia and in Islamic Syariah regulation homosexual activities are prohibits deviant sexual orientation or behavior and also in Islam, we cannot do all this. It is against Islamic law. The country will lose the new generation in leadership in the future and the development of the economy also difficult to grow because of social and moral collapse.


As a conclusion, in Malaysia homosexual is considered illegal and is punishable with long prison sentences of up to 20 years and canings. Islam emphatically forbids this deed and prescribes a severe punishment for it, in this world and the next. Homosexual give a lot of negative impact, people totally reject homosexual lifestyle become part of their daily norms and felt unbearable and shameless too.

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