Over all Impacts of Hobby Lobby Case Essay

Published: 2019-12-02 12:50:11
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As the Supreme Court has ruled against the ObamaCare mandate recently, commonly referred as the The Affordable Care Act (ACA), many of the religious communities are overwhelmed about the decision and take it as a victory whereas others are outraged about this situation as women community will be greatly affected by the rulings of the court. It is a setback for the women society that in the name of religious liberty they will be deprived of their medical concerned issues. The companies that consist of religious ideology will be able to legitimize something that may harm others. Certainly these events will have constant series of effects on the society and as well as some changes may also occur in the legislation relating to ObamaCare. Obamacare covers twenty types of birth control, upon four of them; the court has objected (Tom Cohen, 2014). Hobby lobby states that it is showing efforts to provide religious freedom but majority of the public dont agree with this statement.

Instead people are outraged that it is interfering in their personal lives. It will not let them exercise there constitutional rights. Moreover they would be forced to obey or practice something that they dont agree upon. People will not tolerate that there liberty and freedom will be in risk. Soon the similar types of entities like Hobby Lobby will be legitimizing discrimination against gays and lesbians by businesses (Salon.com, 2014). Defintly it would be unethical of doing so because what kind of an individual is having relationships is their personal right. In the name of faith and religion they will be creating barriers in there jobs and at work places. On the stance of ethical issues, the question arises about the religious liberty. Will it really make us a good Christian or minimizing our choices and freedom?

It will be unacceptable by the public that the Supreme Court has legalized something that creates discrimination and deprives women from their medical rights. Indeed it is a biased decision made by the Supreme Court. In the light of the decisions made, employees of any company will be obliged to practice the religious beliefs practiced by their owners. Common people have a religious perspective that, every individual is responsible for his or her own deeds and will be answerable to God. But the decision that has been taken in this case by the court will certainly snatch the liberty from the companys employees. Upper management will be able to force their religious beliefs and customs down the throats of their employees.

On the other hand, the decision will have negative effects on the women employees as majority of them may have a chance of suffering from medical problems for example in case of ovarian cancer, ovarian cysts, they wont be able to get enough or no treatment because of the objection of contraceptives. Thousands of women employees of these companies would have to pay double or be out of their birth control plan (Tom Cohen, 2014). It would be unethical for the companies for interfering in their employees private personal medical matters.

Tom Cohen, C. (2014). Hobby Lobby ruling much more than abortion. CNN. Retrieved 4 October 2014, from http://edition.cnn.com/2014/07/02/politics/scotus-hobby-lobby-impacts/ Salon.com,. (2014). Hobby Lobby¢â‚¬â„¢s secret agenda: How it¢â‚¬â„¢s quietly funding a vast right-wing movement. Retrieved 4 October 2014, from http://www.salon.com/2014/03/27/hobby_lobbys_secret_agenda_how_its_secretly_funding_a_vast_right_wing_movement/

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