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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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This paper posits that there is significant factor which promotes or undermines an individuals ability to overcome obstacles or limitations and such is the fact human right is universal and inherent in man, regardless of race, color, religion or political beliefs. It being inherent and universal therefore requires its protection and respect by everybody and every state of the world. The significant factor chose in the list is Society and Politics (human rights, economic disparity); hence this essay on human right is being made pursuant to that choice. Human rights are of course the most basic for one who is human.

Being referred as the basic rights and freedoms that everybody is entitled and that everybody must respect, it must be something that is universal and inherent. It nature has caused many nations to recognize the same in putting legal provision for the protection of human right The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a manifestation also of its universality especially with its declaration that All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

(United Nations, n. d. ) I believe choosing human right as significant factor either promotes or undermines an individuals sense of self-worth depending how human right is respected or not. If respected self-worth is promoted otherwise it is undermined Since this paper argues that human right is universal and inherent then by all means respecting the same would be the perfect way of making it real, that is, by respecting the same at all times. How to respect the said rights therefore in practical and tangible terms is a good question to answer.

We will therefore demonstrate its application in way that could be empirical. Since human right to universal, it must protect the human person at the most basic level. It is said that ones right will assume the highest significance when that person needed it most. At what point should one can see the greatest need for human right? The human right could best observed in the case of the person that is accused of a crime, when such person is charged in court. When a person is being charged for a crime, the whole powers of the state are being directed to that person.

The government pays for the prosecutors salary and uses and all the powers of the state just to make a person answer for a crime committed. At many points in time before conviction of the accused by the court are possible abuses of the power of the state. Apparently to clothe the accused-individual of the right under the positive law, the constitution of many nations of the world normally contains the text (or in similar or analogous terms: No person ¦shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. (Cornell University Law School, n.

d) The accused therefore cannot be abused by police or the prosecutors. He cannot just be convicted without affording the accused his right before and after the trial. Before the person was charged, he was just a suspect of crime and at that time he may be investigated by a prosecutor. As the first line of defense of that individual is his right to counsel during the investigation. . Even during trial, is these rights are still maintained. At many points therefore the law must be respecting the basic human right of the individual with right to presumption of innocence with right of counsel.

If ones right is protected as in what was described above, I believe many if no everybody may make a valid point that self-worth is protected or promoted. It may be concluded that human right may just have started as an idea yet its meaning is best appreciated on how the right has become part of the positive laws of man. Being given therefore the right in every step of the process of a person suspected to have committed a crime, after becoming an accused when the said person is already charged in court but still before conviction, one could see the high respect that governments have place for the issues of human rights.

People have human right because that is where human dignity is best recognized. When human dignity is recognized and respected, self- worth is preserved, enhanced or improved.


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