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The word limit for your Research Report is 6,500 words. Oxford Brookes University recommends the following structure and approximate word distribution for your Research Report. We believe that this will allow you to demonstrate all of the required technical and professional skills, and graduate skills in sufficient depth. It is important to note that words included in tables within the body of the report are included in the word count, appendices including financial statements are not included in the word count and the list of references is also not included in the word count. TITLE PAGE CONTENTS PAGE

PART 1 Project objectives and overall research approach 1,000 words The first part of your Research Report sets the scene It should include the following: ? The reasons for choosing your project topic area and choosing the particular organisation that was the focus of your research work What you wanted to find out in your research work. i. e. your project objectives and research questions An explanation of your overall research approach. This should provide the reader with an understanding of the overall framework that you developed to meet your project objectives and answer your research questions.

PART 2 Information gathering and accounting / business techniques 1,500 words The second part of your Research Report should provide more detail about (i) the information that you have gathered and (ii) the accounting and business techniques you have chosen to apply to this information. It should include the following: ? The sources of information from which you have obtained relevant data ? A description of the methods used to collect information, including online access A discussion of the limitations of your information gathering ?

Identification of any ethical issues that arose during your information gathering and how they were resolved An explanation of the accounting and / or business techniques you have used, including a discussion of their limitations. PART 3 Results, analysis, conclusions and recommendations 4,000 words The third part of your Research Report should provide a detailed account of what you have found from the application of your chosen accounting and business techniques to the information that you have gathered.

It should include: 37 A description of the results you have obtained and any limitations ? Presentation of your results in an appropriate form e. g. tables, graphs, pie charts A critical analysis / evaluation of your results which includes an explanation of your significant findings Your conclusions about your research findings and how well you have met your project objectives and research questions If appropriate, recommendations on specific courses of action to identified individuals within your chosen organisation.

LIST OF REFERENCES APPENDICES Word count and appendices You must stay within the specified maximum word count. Oxford Brookes University reserves the right to fail Research Reports which contain more than the maximum 6,500 words. You will be asked to declare your word count of your project on the Oxford Brookes University RAP registration form. The 6,500 word limit excludes the Title Page, the Contents Page, the List of References and the Appendices.

Words used in tables and graphs and other forms of data presentation are not included in the word count, however tables that include written analysis (for example a SWOT analysis table) and words used in section headings are included in the word count. Word counts exclude: title page, contents table, equations, diagrams, references list, bibliography and appendices, but include: headings, tables and in-text citations. If you choose approved topic area 8 The business and financial performance of an organisation over a three year period then

it is likely that you will use the published financial statements of the organisation as an information source. You must include appropriate extracts from the organisation? s financial statements in either the main text of the Research Report or as an Appendix. However, these extracts are not included in the word count. You should use appendices only for supporting data and information. You should not include written text that properly belongs in the main body of your Research Report.

You should keep the number of appendices as low as possible and no more than 8 sides excluding any extracts from financial statements. Penalties for exceeding the word limit The recommended rule is that only the parts of the submission within the word limit will be marked, and the rest will be ignored. Presentation Your Research Report must be word processed using A4 size pages. You should use black text on a white background. Avoid background graphics or pictures behind the text and remember that italics and heavy bold type are less easy to read.

You should use an appropriate standard business font such as Arial with a font size of 11 or 12. You may use a larger font size for section headings. We recommend a 38 maximum of 1. 5 line spacing. When using a spelling and grammar checker, be careful to ensure that you do not unintentionally change the meaning of your text. Oxford Brookes University does not wish to prescribe all of the different aspects of presenting your Research Report and you should identify best practice in business report writing as part of your information gathering activities

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