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Published: 2019-11-15 23:00:56
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Performance management plans are crucial to any business. The main focus of an effective performance management plan should be the employee, but in order to align employee performance with organizational goals, we must also look at the foundation of the organizational structure. This is important because it will define the direction in which a performance plan will guide an employee.

Currently Clapton Commercial Construction is a successful business, operating out of Michigan. The expansion of an already thriving organizational climate should be fairly smooth, and with our guidance we will ensure that the appropriate considerations are accommodated, such expansion to a different state, Arizona, and adding of 20% more employees. After looking into your current performance management plan, I would like to make the following suggestions:

Organizational goals

When we compared your current organizational goals to your existing performance management plan, we saw that there were already successfully established tools for implementing training as well as measuring employee satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity. Training to the organizations desired result is imperative and being able to measure milestones along the path is just as important.


Training a diverse group of employees creates the need for several different training modalities. Group trainings work well because it allows for information to be heard by the masses. The common downfall to this is that many individuals learn in different ways. So having varies approaches ensures a higher success rate. Smaller focus groups work well to reach others on a more intimate level. The most important factor in training, other than the training itself, is the ability to measure the results of the productivity that the training has created. By-annual evaluations that evaluate key factors in the training help to place a quantitive value on not only production but also on behaviors. Documentation is important as well, because it records a standard that was set during strategic planning that evaluations should be measured against.


One of the key components of a truly effective performance management plan is communication. Establishing and maintaining this is critical because managers need to feel connected with their employees and vise versa. Feedback is a large part of our plan suggestion because it will assist in communicating the identified gaps in production. Currently your turnover rate is at 20%. Our goal with establishing better communication between management and employees is to see that percentage shrink. Feedback and coaching will has been proven to add to employee satisfaction ( Open communication allows for those within the organization to develop strong working relationships, which will result in a continuous flow of feedback and coaching. The 20% employee addition in this expansion is a great opportunity to incorporate more employee participation in the further development of the performance management plan. Involving employees in this process with not only create a sense of ownership in the work that the employee puts out, but will also make it possible for employees to take responsibility for their own learning and development within the company.


In conclusion, I would like to that Clapton Commercial Construction for trusting Atwood and Allen to assist with our expertise in your endeavor to create a successful performance management plan. As you grow and begin implementing this plan, we will follow up with evaluations to identify skill gaps and formulate resolutions to rectify them accordingly.


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