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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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The Doctor of Pharmacy Program or the Pharm D Programs main objective is to seek individuals who have the will to provide and promote excellent patient-care through the renderings of a well-backed up philosophies and theories on pharmaceutical care. I believe that I am ONE of those individuals WHO WILL provide for the objective of the said course. With this I am kindly asking for your commendable recommendation to the said course.

Your recommendation will not be pre-fabricated on shaky grounds because I have fulfilled all the necessary pre-requisites for the said course. This, coupled with my absolute will to be a registered pharmacist and provide due healthcare associated with it, I believe, will provide the leeway for my dream career to take effect.

I am currently studying at UCSD for a Bachelor Science degree, majoring in Chemistry, with a high GPA of 3.85. I also have diploma on Associate of Arts with commendable honors. I have completed most of the requirements for pharmacy school with most of the grades falling as A. The pre-pharmacy courses mentioned hereafter will provide the crucial preparation in the painstaking curriculum of Pharm D program.

The courses I will mention have already been taken and which I believe correspond to the essential pre-requisites of the Pharm D Program: Calculus, Statistics, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, General Biology, Microbiology, Mammalian Physiology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, English, Psychology, Sociology and some units on Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

English is not my native tongue, however, I am competent with the language and I foresee no problem in language barriers when I will take up the course. Strictly speaking, this degree of competence with the said language will foster for social communication as well as understanding the medium of teaching which will, in effect, not be a hindrance to education.

At present, I am doing volunteer work at a retail pharmacy as a clerk or technician. I am also doing volunteer work for community service for the American Red Cross. These volunteer services on my part provide the scope of my field of experiences in medical healthcare practice but I am hoping that the Pharm D course will take it a level higher.

The conglomeration of my field of experiences with my educational attainment will not put me at disadvantage for the application of the said course. Indeed, this will only serve to fortify the path necessary to foresee my dream in being a pharmacist. Pharmacy is not simply a profession for me; it is the road path for my service to other individuals.

Why do I think I will be a good pharmacist? Pharmaceutical practice is not simply a dream to fulfill but the probable difference (with others who are dabbling in the same field) is the presence of motivating force. The motivating force is not to be taken lightly because when you had a career and you had no real interest you will reach a point when you become unfulfilled. The primary aim to contribute to medical healthcare profession all associated objectives became vague and insubstantial when you lack the motivating force.

The primary motive of pharmacist and every medical/health assistant should be to provide excellent healthcare service by applying what he/she learned during the duration. I believe I will become a good pharmacist since I am-backed up by a motivating force and I am aiming to provide excellent healthcare as a pharmacist. I am also open to changes with the proliferation of pharmaceutical technology. One should always update him/herself on what is new on the pharmaceutical field and dispose what are those that are proven unimportant. Kindly recommend me to the Pharm D program.


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