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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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There are different things in life that people take for granted, and health is one of them.  Some people would regard their bodies to be a host for the most unexpected and extraordinary diseases unknown to man. In this light, they run to doctors and physicians for help and assistance. They are then given numerous drugs that would help alleviate the pain. This in turn, would be further explained by a pharmacist.

Pharmacy is the study that involves numerous settings, and a variety of people. As known, a person who engages in the practice of pharmacy is known as a Pharmacist.

There are different kinds of Pharmacy setting that would cater to the needs of the people. These are considered to be specializations that the pharmacists have indulged themselves into so that more time and knowledge may be contributed to the patients (The World of Pharmacy: An Overview pp. 1-2):

a) Community Pharmacy also known as the retail pharmacy, this is considered to be the most common specialization of Pharmacy.  These institutions are normally found on streets, and are very much accessible to people. Whenever they are in need of drugs, the pharmacist would come to their aid and provide the necessary information deemed from them so that the patients would be able to care for their health properly. Furthermore, a pharmacy would not function properly without the presence of a pharmacist. This may be attributed to the fact that the pharmacists are the primary professionals whom doctors give their prescriptions to; after which pharmacists compute the dosage that may be considered therapeutic for a patient.

b) Industrial Pharmacy this is the specialization of pharmacy that involves a large scale of people and experience. In this type of pharmacy, laboratories are more evident, for this is where the pharmacists compound their drugs. In addition to this, a manufacturing laboratory would not function without a pharmacist. This may be attributed to the fact that the pharmacists have numerous responsibilities other than just give patients knowledge of the drugs dispensed. Fortunately, this specialization also opens more doors for pharmacists for they are given the opportunity to widen their knowledge through extensive research, production, marketing and distribution, and also testing. Furthermore, they become well equipped with the necessary knowledge that would help them to go about with the said specialization.

c) Hospital Pharmacy   this is the specialization where pharmacists are more active in the hospital set up. Similar to a community pharmacy, the said specialization involves interaction, but not just with the patients, but also with the other members of the healthcare team. Although a physician is considered to have the most impressive knowledge, the pharmacist is considered to be the most important member of the health care team. This is due to the fact that the pharmacist is in charge of all the therapeutic regimens that patients needed.

d) Clinical Pharmacy this is the latest improvements from all of the specializations of Pharmacy. The said specialization allows the pharmacists to fully mingle with the patients and the other members of the allied health care team. A more patient approach is deemed necessary, wherein the patients become more accustomed to the fact that the Pharmacists attend to them in order to be saved. This would also come in hand, for it would help the pharmacists to alleviate their status in society, where they were regarded to be drug specialists and retailers.

As mentioned earlier, there are different specializations in the field of Pharmacy. In this regard, the pharmacist is said to have several roles. These include problems that are related to drugs, management of diseases, treatment, and even the prevention of diseases (Hepler, 1990).

Furthermore, Pharmacists also give more time and effort in trying to showcase their knowledge in the lives of people. Incorporating the knowledge with the practicalities of the drugs being administered on patients is also something that pharmacists take into consideration. A more detailed study is being conducted, wherein the pharmacists take much effort in data collection and in analyzing the cases of the patients (Strand, Morley, Cipolle, Ramsey, Lamsam,1990).

Aside from mingling with patients, Pharmacists have the responsibility of making sure that everyone would get the required therapeutic dosages of drugs. For this, pharmacists would indulge in a study wherein much time and effort are spent perfecting the craft. This is known as Pharmaceutical Calculations, where all pharmacists would follow the stipulations in computing the necessary standards regardless of the specialization (Stoklosa and Ansel, 1996).

Moreover, I believe that patients should be given the opportunity to fully comprehend what is happening in their lives. Administration of medications should not be done just to alleviate the pain, but should be fully understood by the patients. This may be attributed to the fact that patients should be given the opportunity to learn more about what is happening in their environment.

In this light, I believe that pharmacists are to be considered as teachers and informers of society. Pharmacists have their own way of giving patients an understanding of what is happening in their body, and the possible effects drugs can have on them. This may come in a tricky and intimidating manner, yet people lack the time and effort to figure what is happening in their bodies. The pharmacists, in their own manner, do the things to help people understand. Before a drug is dispensed, the pharmacist gives the patient an overview of what is being administered, together with the adverse reactions that may occur.

Pharmacy involves much determination from its students. The students are required to take up three years of pre-pharmacy before they can indulge themselves in the professional field. In this regard, students are also given the opportunity to be exposed to the said field through internships. The internships are considered to be the training ground of students in preparation for future patients. The exposure would also allow them to think instantly, taking into consideration the pros and cons of dispensing drugs.

These actions are normally done before the student is given the opportunity to take the licensure examinations in order to become a registered pharmacist. Several hours of rigorous training were deemed necessary to make sure that the student becomes well equipped with both experience and knowledge in dealing with patients.

Furthermore, education does not end after acquiring the degree and the license. Pharmacists indulge themselves in continuing education so that they may be up-to-date with the technology deemed from them. Moreover, this would also be advantageous for many, for the knowledge would help pharmacists when dealing with patients.

I have always been up to challenges that tickled my brain. Sometimes, I felt that there were certain things in life that needed to be addressed accordingly. As a young child, I have always wanted to make a difference, and at the same time widen my knowledge about things around me. I felt that through my acceptance in Pharmacy, I would be able to fulfill that dream.

Not everyone becomes much determined to succeed in life. Sometimes, heartaches must be experienced in order to achieve our goals. I found that in the deaths I have experienced in my lifetime. I wanted to make a difference to try and help people by preventing if not alleviating the pain they endured.

Furthermore, I would be given the opportunity to change lives, and at the same time change the course of history. I may be a person with simple dreams, but I am ready to face the realities of life and become known for my craft.

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