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Published: 2019-10-10 12:35:35
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My observation made me acknowledge that pharmacy is a profession that is concerned with the provision of health services to the members of the society. These services are always administered basing on the perspective of the therapy of drugs. The pharmacy health care professionals normally deal with the identification, prevention and resolving the drug therapy problems in the society. The health care services provided by the pharmacists are usually considered as the pharmaceutical care. In this care we find that the professional deal with the patients in order to meet the needs of the sick people. While doing this they also provide education to the patients on how to use the prescribed drugs and informing them on the effectiveness of the drugs administered to them.

The societal commitment of the professionals is to take the responsibility of ensuring that the patients and other people in the society are given the best drug therapy possible and this have attracted many people to get in this unit of health care provisions. It is also used in the prevention of illnesses that occur in the society by providing education and information on the illness to the people, so that they may be able to prevent themselves from the infection. According to my observation I found out that this profession involves the interaction of the pharmacy practitioner with the clients, thus individuals are recommended to have an enormous knowledge in communication and an artistic mind that will help me to raise and solve issues successfully.

This goes hand in hand with the pharmacological interventions whose main objective is to help the ill person to get well. More interestingly I found out that this step is consequently supposed to be done with a great care by being specific, recognizing how often the care practice should be done and also if the care plan is understood easily while following the specified directions.

I also understand that, under the professions management one is enabled to carryout the evaluation process which is always done with an ambition of ensuring whether the patient was able to meet the goal of the pharmacological care to be provided; The other benefit that I noticed while pharmacy as a profession is that of intermingling with other health professionals who are believed to be of higher rank in the general public and through this there is an actual improvement in pharmacological skills.

The best part of the profession that excited me was that for those who want to join this profession they are usually required to undertake an undergraduate course in pharmacy, after which the student is required to sit for a national board examination through the pharmacy examining board and then one should have a practical experience that is termed as an internship.

The other requirement is that one needs to have a great knowledge in communication and a creative mind that will enable the person to raise and solve issues in an effective way. The individual must be willing to accept the responsibility of his actions since the whole societys health depends on the individual. This implies that the person interested in the career should have the professional attitude while carrying out the health care associated activities.

I also found out that after successfully completing the required pharmacist courses and obtaining license to work as a pharmacist an individual can open his/her pharmaceutical business, work  with community pharmaceuticals or government sponsored hospitals among others. The fundamental reward that pharmacists receive is the payment made by the patients who require prescriptions of drugs. There is also the benefit of intermingling with medical professionals believed to be of higher rank in the society.

 The professionals under this career have the opportunity of working in various areas including hospitals, home, schools and also pharmaceutical industries whereby they usually work as consultants to the provision of drug therapy in the society.

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