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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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The movie PIRATES OF SILICON VALLEY is all about how Apple and Microsoft got started. This creation was made because of the two intelligent people: Steve Jobs for Apple and Bill Gates for Microsoft. It shows how the first Apple computer was made which is the Macintosh. The movie is also about how the two intelligent persons compete to each other in order to be a successful or famous. It also shows how a good leader handles his employees or team. Just like with Steve Jobs. He is so abusive to his workers. It just like he is only the good person. He always wants to follow his decisions and not giving chance to listen to the opinions or decisions of his teammates. Thats why he had also a problem when it comes to his family. It is quite opposite to Bill Gates. Because Bill is just a simple man and he used his intelligence in good way. Thats why he succeeds much compared to Steve Jobs and became a wealthiest man in the world.

I learned from that negative attitude of Steve Jobs. It teaches me not to be high regard to yourself in whatever achievements you will have. Its because we cannot conclude what the future will holds, sometimes those who are not considered now might be the one who will succeed more. In everything we do, we should be humble. We should also consider the opinions of others. Their points of view will sometimes help us succeed not only for our own interest but to the whole organization as a whole. Because in an organization, its not only a matter of one mind functioning but its a sharing of thoughts, information and ideas to make the organization successful. But if theres a negative point out in the movie, there is also a positive value that I admired. First is the companionship of each main character.

The companionship of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac and with Bill Gates and Paul. Despite also of the negative attitude of Steve Jobs, I admired how he persists to be successful. After he was fired in the Apple for after five years, he started a company named NEXT and another company named Pixar. Despite of being a loser in Apple, he didnt lose his hope to be successful again but still dreams that someday he will be a successful one. Thats good. We should not think that rejections in our life will still be there. Lets make it as our inspiration to achieve our goals. We should learn from our mistakes because failure is success. The more we fail, the more we will be a better one if we learned from it.

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