Planning and Decision Making Essay

Published: 2019-12-21 20:32:26
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Planning and decision-making are critical processes for effective police administration because: (1) planning is the first step to the effective operation and good management of a police department; (2) planning is the essential element of decision making; (3) effective planning can eliminate or reduce potential catastrophe resulting from manmade and natural disasters; (4) decision making can usually be described in three types of theoretical models rational, incremental, and heuristic none of which defines all of the elements and factors that affect every decision;

(5) the decisions individuals make during crisis situations often define their leadership abilities and, in some cases, their career success; (6) police administrators rarely act alone and most decision making within a police department is conducted at the group level; and (7) decision making is rarely perfect, and is often marred by individual and group weakness that can be identified and hence, avoided. (Swanson, 2012)

Yes I agree on my topic with what the author is talking about, because planning and decision making from personal experience is very big. Making decision is very stressful at times that will lead to depression that comes with giving up and frustration that might makes you uncertain of making the best choice. Planning is the most basic function of management. It preceded other functions because a manager plans before he acts. Planning involves determination the objectives and selecting courses of action that will lead to the achievement of predetermined objectives. I dont like to plan because I get over my head, and too excited and cant wait for the day to come.

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