Policy Issue and the Three Branches of Government Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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In a news article written by Deborah Hastings entitled Carded at polls: No photo ID, no vote, it was shown how the three branches of the government works, which are the executive, legislative, and judiciary, on aspects of law for the country.

            The issue elaborated on the news article was about the voters ID card. It pressed problems for people living in certain states, one of which is Indiana, who prohibits people wit no voters ID card to vote (Hastings, 2007). The requirements for the document to be presented are a) voters photograph; b) the voters name which should be similar to the name indicated on the voters registration record; and c) a current expiration date (Hastings, 2007). However, a considerable number of people in Indiana do not have these requirements and are, thus, ineligible to vote (Hastings, 2007).

            In the news, it has been shown that it is the legislative branch of the government who takes the task of formulating the laws. The legislative branch is responsible for creating and proposing laws with the aim of making a better society for all. The second branch, the executive, has the responsibility of implementing the laws and policies. It has the veto power which gives the executive branch the chance to make advice and changes on the law proposed by the congress.

In addition to this, the executive branch has quasi-legislative power, such that, as needed and with certain conditions, it can formulate policies without having to go through the normal process of the legislative branch. Included here are administrative and executive orders. The third branch, the judicial branch, serves as a check and balance for the legislative and the executive branch. The judiciary ensures that the acts of the other two branches are within the framework of the Constitution.

            It is hard to conclude that they have equal roles, nor is it fair to say that they do not posses equal roles. This is for the reason that their responsibilities are practically different from one another. One can not simply conclude that three persons do equal tasks when the natre of their tasks and duties are different. However, it can be said that they are equal in terms of the level and that no branch of the government is a subordinate of the other. This is clearly stated in the Constitution (Baker, 2007). It is very important to note, after having discussed the roles of the three branches of the government, that they contribute to the functioning of the society and the country.


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