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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Talk of power anywhere and it evokes a sense of force, coercion and supremacy. The definition of the word power has gone under various mutilations as well as modifications all in equal measure. However, as the world is progressing the true meaning of power is changing as people embrace the positive aspects of power. Using power responsibly has mainly been the gist of this modern civilized definition of the term power. Advanced psychological thinkers have in modern times coined up definitions that have given power a totally different approach.

The term power paradox has been coined up to define how to use power responsibly and effectively for the betterment of the community at large. This is where power is given to individuals or groups of interest with the main aim of advancing the greater interests in any given setting. Empowerment as a renowned author and economist puts it is the ability that one has in both letting go and taking control. Its a paradox (Ginnodo, 140). He goes further to argue that the job of a leader is to be able to know when to step in and when not to.

He says that it is necessary to give people power and let them thrive in their own terms and only intercept when they seem to be going wrong (Ginnodo, 143). This perception of power works exceptionally in an organization where workers are given power to make decisions that are valuable to the company. This in turn gives them some extra motivation and also makes them more responsible and productive. Giving employees in any organization power to make decisions is slowly becoming the norm at many companies with the resultant being a more competent workforce in organizations that embrace it.

The concept of paradox power can also be witnessed in our daily lives. Since the power resource is limited, society generally chooses who will naturally wield power. Parents, teachers and others are naturally given power by the society over others and if this power is used properly then the community becomes the beneficiary of it. It has often been argued that by giving power one actually gets more power (Ginnodo, 56). This sentiment is echoed all over and it is evident, an example being in a school setting.

A teacher may usually give students the power to make decisions on some activities and this in turn gives them a sense of responsibility. The teacher may intervene when need arises but only to give guidance and direction. The end product will be where the students admire the teacher for the experience they have been given the opportunity to have. This in turn gives the teacher more power and thus proves the notion that the more you give the more you receive. This perception of paradox power is actually the key to a prosperous future in the modern world.

It is imperative not to associate to the notion that power is being in control, coercing or other negative aspects associated with it. Giving power is the only way in which power can be used for gain its rightful purpose. There is a need for those who yield power in whatever sector to empower those who are below them as a means of directly or indirectly increasing power in a positive manner. Work cited: Ginnodo, Bill. The Power of Empowerment: What the Experts Say and 16 Actionable Case Studies. Illinois: Pride Publications. 1997

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