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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Introduction In this assignment I am going to outline the causes of pressure in the university, its effects and how to cope with it (pressure). To begin with, it is necessary that the meaning of the Words University and pressure are defined. According to the paperback oxford English dictionary (sixth edition), university is defined as a high-level educational institution in which students study for degrees and academic research is done.

The paperback oxford English dictionary (sixth edition) defines pressure as a feeling of stress caused by the need to do something, while the Encarta dictionary defines it as the constant state of worry and urgency: powerful and stressful demands on somebodys time, attention and energy. Therefore based on the two definitions above, it can be evidently noticed that a university is full of activities which may lead to a stressful feeling (pressure).

Hence in this assignment some activities will be highlighted which lead to a stressful feeling rather pressure as it is called in this case and also how to cope (adjust) to this stressful feeling in the university. Before one has been accepted to study at with a university, there is tension within one self as they wait for response from the university they had applied to. This pressure (tension) is usually caused if most of your friends in the community are being accepted to study with various institutions either in the country or even outside the country.

This pressure affects ones self confidence, the affected person tends to feel they are not good enough and their friends are better than they are. Once you have been accepted to study with the institution of your choice the pressure of being looked down on in the society as a failure in life is dealt with rather you tend to cope with it. Secondly, after one has been accepted to study at the University, there are a lot of speculations within one self.

These speculations may be as a result of what you might have heard from others about university life, or maybe you could have had a privilege to watch a movie concerning life at the university, or even had a glimpse of it on news that had been broadcasted on television. The above listed pressure affected me because I had never been at the university campus before, but only saw part of the campus in advertisements about the school which appeared on television and newspapers.

Tension can arise where one develops thoughts like is this really the way the campus looks like? Rather they might have strategically chosen nice looking parts of the school to capture and feature in the advertisements!! Eventually this proved to be true (the campus was not as exact as it appeared in the adverts). Below are some of the realities that I have found about life in the university, the causes of pressure encountered and how to cope with it (pressure). Adaptation to the environment This refers to adjusting to the new environment (place).

Having reported at the university, an orientation is necessary so that the new students are familiarised with different parts of the school. After orientation, the students to some extent become familiar with school. During the first week (the week of orientation), the stressful feeling usually is that of feeling home sick. This is as a result of the change in most time tables. For instance, the time for working up in preparation for the days activities, time to eat various meals more specifically, breakfast, lunch and supper.

Among all the meals, the time for taking supper is usually the most difficult one to adjust . One needs to take their evening meal as early as six oclock in the evening. To the contrary at home you can have your evening meal any time you fill like, especially after eight oclock in the evening, hence you dont experience hunger fast. Unlikehome, at this university you can have stressful (pressure) feeling especially when you are hungry. How you cope to this is simply to get the food and take to the dormitory, then eat at your appropriate time.

Adopting to the new way of learning Contrary to the teaching method used in high schools (writing of notes on the board by the teacher and pupils are coping in their note books), at university the lecturer just dictates and the students write that which they consider relevant. This act can be stressful especially if one is aslow writer. This is usually because different lecturers have different lecturing methods, other lecturers encourage students to take notes as they are lecturing, whereas others prepare notes and from those notes, students are expected to either photo copy them or copy them manually.

This in turn reduces the pressure of note formulationby the students. But in circumstances where notes are not provided by the lecturers, the method used to cope with the pressure of writing notes is to identify those students with the ability to take notes fast as lecturers are lecturing and copy the notes from them. By doing this, the pressure within one self is reduced, this is as a result of acknowledging that there are other students who can do it better than you can do it, and those with that ability are the best students to ease your pressure of forming notes of your own.

Socialization The oxford concise English dictionary (tenth edition) defines socialization as an act of interacting with others. This act is very critical especially in institutions such as a university. As the saying goes No man is an island . Definitely one needs his/her fellow students for many purposes, for instance during assignments which are to be outlined later in this assignment, for supplementary purposes such as in sports, study groups etc.

Though a good thing to socialize, at times it can also be very disturbing which can lead to a stressful feeling rather pressure. This is because in universities there are various people with various back grounds. Some students are good to interact with because they are morallyupright. What is meant by this is; these students respect the values and beliefs of other students, they are honest, very confidential (keep secrets when someone confides in them with issues), humble (not arrogant) and also respect lecturers. There are also some students who are not morally upright.

They are dishonest, lack of confidentiality and also do not respect lecturers and other people in the institution. Such students usually cause stress to other students in the campus. The best way to overcome this pressure from other students is basically to avoid socializing with those students whose characters are questionable. To some extent over socializing can lead to self-induced pressure because you can want to balance up both academically and social life, especially involvement inboy and girl relationships.

The best is socializing normally and to remember the main purpose of being in university is to attain education. Then such pressures can be coped to. Sometimes friends may not be as co-operative as they are expected this also does lead to pressure especially when you need their help, such as forming a study group , others are not willing to share their knowledge with others. Academically induced pressure Academic has been defined by the Websters dictionary for students (2003 edition) as, something which has to do with school.

While the same dictionary defines induce as, to bring about: cause. Therefore from the definitions above what can be derived isacademically induced pressure means pressure which brought about due to academic things. The following academic facilities and activities are some of which greatly lead to increased pressure among students in the university. Library and computer laboratory; these two facilities are very vital for academic research and also for obtaining text books used note formulation, referencing in research etc.

Because of the significant role the two facilities play in the academic process, definitely students become of great interest to these facilities. The two named facilities can cause pressure in the institution among students,for example, the computers in the computer room are few compared to the number of studentswho want to have access to them, this in most instances results in misunderstand among students who do not own personal computers, where the less vocal students are outweighed by the vocal ones.

This may result into tension which lead s to pressure to those have not been denied access to the computers. Not only that, pressure also arises when students have been given an assignment and the internet service is not available so as to enable students carry out their research properly. The pressures listed above are dealt by writing a time table to ensure that students know the time by which they are supposed to be in the computer room, this creates order among students and also the university has to pay for the internet services so that it is readily available to thestudents.

The library is very necessary because students are able to access books for referencing in assignments and preparation for exams. Pressure can rise in the university among students when the library has insufficient materials for use in various activities related with school. In a situation where there is only a single book in the library and that same book is the same book the lecturer recommends for use in course he/she is lecturing, students really feel the pressure .

The only way to reduce this pressure is by stock the library sufficient books, so that students can have access to the textbooks, hence the pressure arising due to scramble of books will reduce. Assignments, tests and the final exam; these three activities are very pressurising in the university. Assignments are given to students by their lecturers basically to test the ability students have to research and understand the topics their lecturers have given them to carry out the research on.

Pressure usually arises especially when materials for referencing are inadequate and also the aspect of giving short time frame in which the assignment should be done. When the due date for the assignment is near and the quantity of work to be done is a lot, it causes panicking among the students; this in turn causes a lot of pressure. This pressure can be handled by learning how to use time wisely, having proper priorities in universities which is setting goals in attending to school related issues first then other activities later.

Tests and the final exam both serve the same purpose in the university which is accessing the ability students have to understand the conceptstheir lecturers are lecturing them. This is usually done during the semester (continuous assessment test) and at the end ofthe semester (final exam). These two activities to some extent are the most stressful activities in the university. This is also because every test and final examination really counts. They count in the sense that every that every continuous assessment written the marks obtained a certain percentage added to the final examination results for that particular course.

Hence students experience a lot of pressure in trying to work hard so that they obtain good grades and are enabled to return to the next semester. During preparation for tests and exams people spend sleepless nights in memorising and understanding concepts and terms so that they can apply them in exams . All these sleepless nights spent in studies intensify the pressure in the university ,the way to avoid ,rather reduce pressure is to study in advance for the exams. Last minute preparations are not encouraged because they just stress students up.

Therefore students are supposed to be prepared at all times. Courses offered per semester Different universities have different standards they have set for their institutions . Due to these differences, students in different universities can differ in number the number of courses they take per semester. For instance at the University of Zambia the total of courses per semester is about four and their clearing mark is 40%, while at Chreso University the number of courses per semester is about five to six and the passing mark is 55%.

This definitely shows that the university offering more courses to ensure that the students do not wait for work (notes) to pile up but to study the notes regularly as soon as they are taken, this practice will reduce pressure within one self. To cope with the pressure caused due to high passing mark, the student needs to work hard and obtain good grades during writing of continuous assessment tests and assignments so that the marks obtained can supplement those obtained on the final exams. Miscellaneous causes of pressure and how to cope to them. Apart from the major causes of pressure in the university listed above.

There are also other reasons such as external forces, feelings about health, loneliness, financial challenges, and feeling within one self which leads to one considering others as batter than them. External forces; this refers to pressure caused due to factors outside the university . This can be losing a beloved one (it can be at home), friends outside calling you to have fun when they are aware that their friends must study. The forces cause pressure within the students which can lead the students to not paying particular attention to their studies.

The way students can cope to such pressure is by avoiding such friends and concentrate to their academic work for it is much more worth it than the entertainment friends can offer to them. State of the students healthcan also be a factor which can lead students to having pressure (stress). For example if a student is ill he/she may not be actively involved in their academic activities and also the distance of the health centre from the university can raise pressure among students when they are ill.

Therefore students fill pressurised especially when they have work at hand and they find themselves in an unwanted circumstance such as sickness, concentration is usually disturbed so there is that pressure of feeling their friends will do better than themselves and also for students to cope with some of the pressure experienced when ill, there is need for the administration to provide transport so that it can be carrying students who are ill, in turn this will reduce some of their pressure experience due to illness.

Pressure can also be caused due to Loneliness . Loneliness is a feeling of being neglected by other students around. This is usually common when a student has been either chosen or appointed to a leadership position. The fellow students without any leadership position may fill jealous and out of that jealous they may want to frustrate their friend in leadership, hence their friend in leadership is neglected. This can disturb a student because they fill abandoned while they need their friends around.

The way to deal with such pressure is simply to be yourself even when one becomes a leader and to remember that one is a leader because of the people you are leading, so respect others and they will respect your leadership role. When this happens the loneliness is reducing hence the pressure is reduced too. Financial difficulties, lack of enough finances at a university is very disturbing. For instance in a situation where the management stops a students from attending lectures due to an pending balance which is as a result of not paying the required fee by the school.

When such a situation occurs, the student affected develops pressure because other students are learning and they are missing out. The solution to such a problem is to advise the school administration to look into such issues and see how they can help because other students are genuinely having financial difficulties but are willing to learn, when help has been offered, pressure among the genuinely affected students will be reduced. Conclusion In conclusion, this assignment has given an outline of what pressure is, the causes of pressure in the university and how to cope to it.

Further, the main causes of pressure in the university where noted. It has been noticed that the most common causes of pressure are academically induced pressure (consisting of facilities such as the library, computer room and activities like writing of assignments and the exam) and also socialising has been highlighted as one of the factors which if not properly dealt with can also lead to pressure in the university, where the type of people we socialise with have been discovered as contributory factors to our pressure in the university.

Basically these and other issues where outlined in the assignment, but the point which must be taken note of is that, even though pressure is there in the university, one can still cope with it in a positive way and some of the methods of coping to the most common pressure experienced in the university have been suggested in the assignment. The pressure experienced at universities serve a purpose in life because sooner or later when students complete the education they will be employed and they will find it easy to cope with various pressures at their work places since they already have an ideal about to handle pressure.

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