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Published: 2020-02-09 06:53:02
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Pressure training, unlike the other methods of training involves a combination of skills and fitness. It would involve continually performing a skill as I became more and more fatigued. With practice my skill level could be improved with increasing tiredness as well as my cardio-vascular fitness. For example I could practice smashes from a set area on the court which would help me keep my consistency from that area of the court. Moving around I could learn to smash well from each part of the court.

A game situation often helps me understand my shots in a game context and not just in isolation. This is a very good method of training as it helps me improve both my cardio-vascular fitness and muscular endurance, my two major aims for my plan. It also allows me to improve my physical fitness as well as my mental preparation and awareness on the court. Fartlek training, this type of training involves alternating between fixed periods of exercise and light exercise/rest for recovery.

Also he intensity and type of exercise are varied though changes in pace, terrain and style. There are no fixed amounts of each component and a program can be planned to suit my individual fitness need {this taking into account specificity}. The effect of fartlek training on my body will be an improvement in aerobic and anaerobic fitness, an increase in muscular endurance, an increase in metabolic rate, an increase in cardio-vascular fitness and a decrease in body fat percentage. I have chosen fartlek training as it would replicate the changing pace within a badminton game.

Also with an increase in CV fitness and muscular endurance I will be able to carry on playing to the best of my ability further into the game. And will get my muscles used to the fixed periods of rest then play. Circuit training, this type of training involves a series of exercise or activities each one taking place at a separate station or piece of equipment. Each station involves an exercise aimed at specific muscle groups in the body which would have an advantage in the game of badminton if improved. {Another example of specificity.}

The exercises are arranged so that muscle groups alternate between work and recovery, this allowing lactic acid to disperse and so that opposing muscle groups are worked equally for a balanced strength distribution. My circuit training will take place in the gym involving different pieces of equipment explained in my session plans. The sessions will be designed to improve both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, as well as CV fitness and muscular endurance. The rest intervals between each stop will decrease each week, the level at which I train will increase each week to create an overload.

As above you can see I have decided to implement five circuit training sessions, three fartlek training sessions and two pressure training sessions. As each circuit training session passes I will decrease the time of rest between each piece of equipment. Increase the levels I am working at and the duration of time I will be working for. When weight machines are built into my circuit I will increase the weight and the number of reps I do. Introducing these into my exercise program will cover both the progression and overload principles.

As each fartlek session passes I will increase the intensity of the sessions by sprinting for longer and increasing the duration of the three parts from 10 through 15 to finally 20. No badminton match I have ever played has lasted longer than 20 minutes therefore training over this amount of time would not be specific. One of my fartlek sessions will take place in the swimming pool as this will vary my surroundings which could help me stay motivated. By doing all of these things I will cover the principles of overload, progression, tedium, and intensity.

My pressure taking sessions will take place on David Lloyd badminton courts with either my coach or partner. The sessions will not really vary. The intensity will increase slightly Training session one, Monday Fartlek training, this particular method of training is a lot simpler than both pressure training and continuous training. My first fartlek session will involve three ten minute continuous runs; the three sections represent the three games that can make up a badminton match. {As badminton matches are usually best of three games}.

The most important part of the training will be the different speed at which I travel and not the terrain, as badminton is always played on a flat surface. The different speed I train at will replicate the changing pace in a badminton game, this making my training more specific. This is inevitably how I want my training to be. Session plan Aim = my aim for this session is to improve the muscular endurance in my legs, and to prepare my body for the demanding time during a match. Getting my body used to changing pace and oxygen needs quickly.

I will begin with my warm up as outlined in my introduction; I will follow the same thorough warm-up routine for each session for the reasons also stated in my introduction. Training session six, Thursday Aim my aim for this session is to improve my muscular endurance in my legs and arms further as well as to improve my cardio vascular fitness especially when running I will begin with my warm up as outlined in my introduction; I will follow the same thorough warm-up routine for each session for the reasons also stated in my introduction.

This training session will be much the same as the last one however will also involve the weight machine. I will use the weight machines on a low weight and do numerous reps as this improves muscular endurance not explosive strength. I will use a number of machines to achieve my aims including: cross trainer, treadmill, stepper, rowing machine, bike, leg curls, leg lifts, leg extensions, bicep and triceps curls and shoulder press. For each piece of equipment I will be having a one minute rest ensuring I take in fluids regularly so not dehydrate.

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