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Croup is a pediatric medical complication also known as laryngotracheities or laryngotrcheobronchitis common in kids between the ages of 3 months to 5 five years with increased severity in kids below 3 years. Its manifested by multiple infections in the respiratory tract that involve inflammation in the larynx, formation of false membranes in the trachea and bronchial tubes. The disease is evident in the event of a cough manifested by barking. It occurs in both sexes with a ratio of 1. 4:1 in males to females.

(Antonio, 2008) It is common in most of the western population with increased onset in the fall of winter and early spring. This paper shall offer a critical analysis of the disease focusing on the causes, symptoms, prevention measures and the available treatments. Croup is mild but may be complicated in kids known to have respiratory infections like asthma and more common to kids borne prematurely, (Larissa, 2008). Croup is mostly a viral infection but may also be attributed to bacteria and hypersensitivity. Most viral infections are related to Para influenza, adenovirus, influenza and measles.

Other causes include some forms of diet especially animal foods and heated beverages that cause irritation in the respiratory tract, (Henry, 1846). The disease can be passed on from an infected person through coughing or sneezing hence is considered to be highly contagious. A similar form of viral croup is called spasmodic croup or laryngismus stridulus, (Antonio, 2008) . This form is related to allergies and may seem asymptomatic but is characterized by sudden recurrent attacks in the night with no signs of fever. Croup is mostly characterized by aloud barking like cough with difficulties in breathing and grunting.

Early manifestation may entail signs of cold accompanied with fever. Continued upper way inflammation results into a more pronounced barking cough with the child becoming hoarse. Severe inflammation results into more difficulties in breathing, a condition called stridor characterized by fast breathing and a sinking like appearance of the region between the ribs. At a chronic level, croup can result into death due to narrowing of the larynx and the trachea leading to lack of sufficient oxygen. Kids may appear pale around the mouth an indication for urgent medication.

Most cases of croup are mild and thus manageable through controlled moisten conditions; some doctors may administer steroids to relieve the inflammation in the respiratory tract. Management at home can be achieved by various techniques provided the child is assured of a good supply of humid air. Parents are advised to observe the infected kid at night in order to help rule out cases that may call for medical attention. Other than the administration of antihistamines, oxygen may also be supplied to a croup patient alongside an increased supply of fluids.

Preventive measures involve stringent hygiene that entails proper washing of hands. Contact with infected persons should be avoided to reduce cases of continued spread. Other preventive measures may involve proper clothing to avoid skin irritations and an every day cold bath before exposure to the outside alongside a proper nutrition.. (Henry, 1846) Croup is such a mild yet very common infection. Cases of death may occur especially in plethoric fat kids seemingly healthy as they are more prone to suffocation in the event of infection (Henry, 1846) .

It is thus advisable that complicated cases involving pneumonia alongside any of the following symptoms should warrant medication; severe difficulties in breathing, cases of stridor and drooling . Resuscitation can be carried out by doctors through a cold bath therapy. References Antonio M. (2008) Croup, e -medicine pediatrics, Retrieved on 12th March 2009 from http://www. emedicine. med space. com Larissa H. (2008) Croup Published by Nemours foundation, Retrieved on 12th March 2009 from http//:www. kidshealth. org Henry. W. (1846) croup and its specific remedy O. Clapp Publishers

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