Privileges of a Senior Citizen Essay

Published: 2020-02-13 01:20:24
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Category: Gerontology

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We all know that a senior citizen is an old version in our generation. They are the person above 60. Since they are old and their body are weak, its hard for them to eat , exercise , to work and of course to SURVIVE.

The old ladies or old men out there are sometimes abandoned by their family. Some leave their houses because they feel that they are not a part of that family. Some are treated not right and some are lost. We can see many of them outside our schools or on the market begging, most are in the garbage place.

Senior citizens contribute a lot in the past time in our country, there are some who fought for our country but still not recognized. Here in the Philippines, Our government made some rights for our citizens.

Since some of the senior citizen has a difficult time to work, our government decided that all senior citizens must be an exception to an all tax payment. For short he/she is a minimum wage earner. They are also free from all government medical and dental services. They also have a free vaccine supported by the government, educational assistance shall be granted to pursue to; post secondary , post tertiary , as well as vocational and technical education in both public and private schools through provisions of scholarship , grants and financial aids . Our government also issued about granting our senior citizens special discounts on special programs. Example is on purchase of basic necessities and prime commodities. For another positive part, Senior citizens they have an express lane privileges in all public store , private banking , commercials or government establishments.

For the retirees , they are granted the continuance of the same benefits and privileges by the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), social security system (SSS) and PAG IBIG. Retirement benefits of senior citizens on both public and private sector shall be reviewed every year to ensure their responsiveness and sustainability.

We can say that senior citizens have an easy life with all of this privileges, But material things are not the only thing a human needs. Old people also need love from their family and others so that they will not feel theyre alone in this world. We shall give back the love and care this people has given to us when they are in their younger years.

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