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Termination of fetus before death of the child can be defined as Pro-abortion. In the case of Roe Vs Wade, the Supreme Court had given its decision allowing the abortions in the first six months of pregnancy of period. Pro-abortion is a right of the women. The abortion is legalized from January 22, 1973 in all fifty states of Unites States. The Rose Vs Wade is foundation for pro-abortion in United States. The women rights groups and pro-abortion supporters welcomed the decision. But some of the opponents started the pro-life movement demanding abortion restrictions.

Before 1973 abortion is not subject to United States constitution law. It was the matter for the individual states. So abortion was illegal if it is made after four months of pregnancy. Due to the efforts of American Medical Association anti-abortion laws have been come into force around 1900.  With the familiar case of Roe Vs Wade where a woman challenged the Texas laws, the U.S.Supreme Court made the following conclusions:
1. The abortion law not belongs to state issue and it is subject to Constitution of United States i.e. federal constitutional law.
2. The procurement of abortion was a constitutional right.

Previous to the Roe Vs Wade, majority states in the United States of America prohibited the abortion with an exception when the life of women in threat. But the Supreme Court allowed in the case of Roe Vs Wade that woman has constitutional right for the pro abortion of first six of pregnancy.

The pro-abortion would be safer and involve less complication. It is noticed that at about 89% abortions performed in the United States during 1995. All such abortions under taken in the early stage only i.e. with in the first 12-13 weeks after the last menstrual period.

Since early days, the abortion was illegal and it is recommended only when life of mother is in danger. Later on the legislation developed as woman has constitutional right for the abortion of first six months of pregnancy. Accordingly the Supreme Court also given judgment stating that States could restrict the abortions of last 3 months of pregnancy. Here the last 3 months period is crucial stage, where the life fetus will be developed.


The reasons for pro abortion for the woman may be various such as pregnancy without marriage, having already children, possibility of getting disabled children etc. whatever the reason, it is a legalized right to the woman to have abortion according to her choice and others should not influence on this issue. Sometimes mothers health would be in danger due to the pregnancy.


Pro-abortion is linked with pro-choice. Abortion itself indicates it is selection of choice; hence it can be termed as pro-choice. Though anti-abortion still it exists pro-choice. Pro-choice means the women would be in a position to allow or not to allow the child. So pro-choice can be termed as pro-abortion. Pro-abortion or pro-choice both linked with the women rights as it affects her own body.

In the early days, the abortion became a crime for many reasons. Until 1800, there were no legislations and women themselves trained and gave training to other women for abortions. There will be no guarantee for the women to get the abortions though Roe Vs Wade gave the clear decision and legalizing the abortion within six months of the pregnancy. Illiterate women may not be able to access the necessary medical assistance. Even women who had access to legal abortion, yet they may face severe infections. Hence pro-abortion is unwanted by women though they desire.


Unborn child is not part of the body of mother. The unborn child lives in mother. The pro-abortion is killing of the human being with legal support for the reasons whether valid or invalid. But the unborn child is human. One way it is correct to save the mothers life, and then it can be accepted. But for other reasons the pro-abortion is not correct. The unborn child is in the mothers body but it is not part of the mothers body. Hence the unborn child has separate independent status. The unborn child has right to life and this right should not be infringed by any right except the mothers life in danger. Since unborn child is not part of the body, it has right to come outside.

In case raped women also, the unborn child should not be killed. Killing of child is nothing. It is a punishment to the child for the sins of parent. Instead if birth is given to the child, it can be given for adoption since millions of couples waiting for adoption of babies. Such couples are bothered about the health of babies and nothing else. Hence pro-abortion should not be allowed or legalized for raped victims. Due to the following reasons the pro-abortion is not allowed in the rape cases.

1. It will be capital punishment to the unborn child who is innocent.
2. Allowing such abortion for others crime (i.e. father)
3. The right of life of the unborn child is infringed.
4. Rape is one wrong and giving punishment to the child is another wrong.


Though the Supreme Court given its decision that pro-abortion is legal, yet the American people believe that pro-abortion is wrong. The pro-abortion supporters argue that the baby is in the mother is not the child and it is not a human. The human can only be identified when they come outside. So it is not killing. They further argue that abortion should be legal at any stage that unborn child is not a human being and did not deserve any legal protection.

In the United States the persons have limited rights only. Suppose if any person takes drugs beyond the limit are not acceptable though the drugs disturb her/his own body. Similarly prostitution also. In both the cases, it is their own body, yet they cannot go beyond the limit. Hence in the pregnant women also it is wrong to argue that women only should have complete control on her body with regard to abortion. The inside bay is not part of the women but it is separate identity. So keeping the pro-abortion will be invalid.

It is true that women have the right to take own decision about her pregnancy and abortion and at the same time the women did not have any right to kill the child. The Pro-choice supporters argue with respect to the womans reproductive rights, which includes right to choose of abortion. Whereas the Pro-life advocates opposes and argue the abortion should not be accepted unless the mothers life in threat. The pro-abortion groups express that abortion should be legal because the unborn baby is not really human being and hence no legal protection. When there is no legal protection, the unborn person cannot occupy the mothers body without prior consent.


The era of legalized abortions in the country passed thirty-five years since the issue of Roe Vs Wade decision by Supreme Court. The media created false impression that everybody supported the abortion and finally abortion become a big industry in the United States. The pro-life supporters are encouraging the abortion whereas the Pro-life advocates are advocating with religious matters. The tradition and cultural make the women that their right over child should not be infringed. They thought that it is their own reproductive right about the abortion. Due to the abortion laws, many people in the U.S. are not able to adopt the children, as so many children being killed through abortions.

The unexpected pregnancy leads to abortion, which gives the capital punishment to the unborn children.  Whether Fetus (unborn baby) has a right to be in the womb of woman? It can be yes as long as womans life is not in threat. But it is not right; it is permission to the Fetus to stay in the womb. The abortion is not violation of right. When the woman has a right to choose to have sexual relation with any other person, it is also right of woman to choose what and what cannot remain inside her body. Hence it is purely womens decision. But fetus is human being as it has complete set of human DNA, however fetus did not have physiological independence.

10. Author Jay Johansen,
11. Elizabeth Ross, Pro-Choice Editor

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