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Published: 2020-02-23 12:02:22
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The first group of documents are payslips and were collected from the following banks: Barclays, Lloyds TSB and HSBC. Barclays Payslip: The Barclays payslip I collected is a strip of paper about 15cm by 6cm. This document contains all the relevant information for its purpose. The layout of this document is very neat and professional. The payslip contains tables, numbers, text and a logo. The documents readability is simple but is aimed at people who have a reasonable knowledge about banking, i. e. not aimed at children. The document is very bland, and only uses black and white.

The justification on this document is very central and organised. Lloyds TSB: The 2nd document I collected was a Lloyds TSB payslip, roughly the same size as the Barclays payslip except it is slightly wider. The layout is very spacious and clear. It contains similar contents to the Barclays payslip, including tables, text, logo, numbers and a receipt. The documents can easily be read and would not be so confusing to people who do not have such a wide knowledge on backing. Different use of colour creates a more pleasurable sight.

The tables are either justified to the right or the left hand side. Jonathan Fraser-Gadd Report Unit 1 Task 2: HSBC: The 3rd and final Payslip I have is from HSBC. This payslip is very similar to the Barclays payslip in terms of layout and positioning; however the HSBC payslip is 1cm wider and has an extra 3. 5cm in length. This creates more space whilst holding the same amount of information. The payslip contains a number of tables. The HSBC payslip is the only company that does not display their logo on the payslip. This document is printed in black and white. Brochure:

The second group of documents I have collected are brochures all from the same organisations. The brochures I have collected are used by each company to show, what they have to offer the customers. Barclays Brochure: The brochure I have collected from Barclays bank shows the insurance plans that they have to offer a client. The document is a bout 16cm by 11cm. The front page of this brochure has two 3 different shades of blue and a hint of orange. It also contains a logo on the front page so the consistency is at a good standard. The layout of the brochure is very well structured, neat and spacious.

The writing is written in columns and its readability is easy and quick to the point, however on the back page the writing is very small and people with bad eye sight may struggle. This document does not contain any images, tables or charts. Lloyds TSB Brochure: Lloyds TSB have a brochure concerning all those wanting to take out a loan. This documentation is the same width as the Barclays brochure but is a 1cm shorter in length. Lloyds TSB have tried a different approach too Barclays because they have decided to use their images to a maximum to create an emotion amongst the readers.

Lloyds have consistency used their logo on the brochure and the payslip. The layout is very basic but effective. The layout contains a contents page, images and lots of information on loans, however like in the Barclays brochure on the back page there is a lot of writing which uses a very small font. The style is very interesting and attractive. HSBC Brochure: HSBC have a brochure for clients wanting to take out insurance. This document size is very different to the other brochures which were similar to each other.

Instead the size of this document is 5cm by 16cm, making it very narrow. It uses many images of happy people. It contains a contents page to make the document very organised. HSBC do not use a lot of small font writing on the back of the page unlike Lloyds and Barclays, however it does contain a free post envelope attached to the back. It has headings for each topic and the writing is neatly presented. Jonathan Fraser-Gadd Report Unit 1 Task 2: Good and bad points: In this part of my report I shall point out the good and bad parts on each of the above documents. Barclays Payslip:

The Barclays payslip is very professional and contains the information required. The good attributes are clear on this document, these are: 1. Use of logo: they have decided to use their logo on the payslip for recognition and to make it more professional. 2. Size: the size of the paper is good because its not big and this creates a more attractive look. 3. Organised neatly in boxes: this makes the documentations readability easier and helps guide the client to where they should write. 4. The information: this information is relevant to the document improving the document.

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